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Offleashable is a new company; however, I am not new to dog training. I have worked and trained many dogs (professionally and personally) over the last 18 years.

Offleashable focuses on a balanced approach to dog training; meaning we teach dogs that "yes" means yes but also "no" means no.

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I created Offleashable because I want to help struggling owners become educated and empowered like I did!

My love for dogs started young and I spent many years growing up teaching purely-positive/force-free obedience and competing in various Dog Sports. However, about 6 years ago, I ended up with Miss Kaya; she proved to be the most anxious, afraid of her own shadow, non-food, and non-play driven dog I had ever worked with!

Well, I spent the next 5 years working on all the things she struggled with; unfortunately she was only getting marginally better. Upon researching ways to help us be able to enjoy each other more, I stumbled upon balanced training. I spent months researching the tools and the techniques; finally, I felt confident enough to start to implement the structure needed, to introduce the training tools, and to apply the techniques.

Within a short time Kaya was a different dog, I could finally communicate with her in a way she understood! Being able to communicate in a soft and gentle way with her was a game changer; Kaya was finally calm enough, and in the right state-of-mind, to start to overcome her anxiety and fears. Kaya actually wanted to work with me and started to build her confidence.

Now Miss Kaya gets to enjoy hanging out with us in the house, without being underfoot; have freedom in the yard, without us worrying she will run onto the road; go on trips with us, as others enjoy having her around in their homes or even running errands with her; and the best is being able to take off-leash hikes, due to her solid recall!

At Offleashable, our goal is to help you, the average dog owner, stop struggling with your dog. We will work together, as a team, to create a calm and balanced dog.

If you are ready to transform your and your dog’s life, we are ready to help!


Our Board and Train program is a fully immersive program, where dogs are included in our day-to-day lives. We teach all the basic obedience commands on- and off- leash as well as creating a calm state-of-mind, which allows dogs to make better decisions.

This is for the owners who want to be heavily involved in the training process. We work one-on-one with the owner and their dog to teach them how to implement structure and create a calm state-of-mind with their dog. We offer two types of private lessons: On Leash Walking and Off Leash Basics.

This is for puppies who are under 6-months old. We start with basic on-leash work and once they are over 6 months they graduate to our regular programs. This is a great head-start to create the dog the owner wants from the beginning. We offer two types of puppy programs: Puppy Board and Train and Puppy Basics