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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


I am a Holistic Lifestyle Coach and Personal Trainer.
I look at all areas of life - stress, nutrition, sleep, thoughts, actions, exercise - to give you what you need to be the best possible version of yourself. I am not interested in fads that will make your weight and health yo-yo.

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29 September 2020

Laura has been working with me for several months. She is the first person to look at the whole me - my stresses, my nutrition, and my aches and pains. We also discovered why I was having sleep issues. My neck pain and headaches have diminished and I always leave our sessions with a sense of well-being and happiness. I will continue to work with Laura. More...

29 September 2020

Personal training! Nutrition! Recovery! Laura of Nue Focus has helped me regain a lifestyle that I only saw others achieve. Now it’s my turn. We are now working on strength so that I can enjoy sports activities and my new passion, running!! More...

29 September 2020

Working with Laura, NueFocusPTS, has allowed me to regain mobility and strength after an injury. ECS Therapy has allowed me to live a happier, healthier life. Laura is knowledgeable and compassionate in her approach. She treats the ‘whole’ person! More...

27 September 2020

Laura takes a holistic approach to personal training; everything from weightlifting technique and nutrition to breath and emotion work, tailoring the sessions to whatever your body and mind needs in the moment.

I have never felt as strong and in touch with my body as I have since starting to work with Laura last year, and can't wait to see what else we can accomplish in the next!


I’ve been a coach for 6 years.
A Personal Trainer helped me when I had an injury. And I saw what it did for my father when he had a debilitating disease. Ever since then I wanted to do something to help people. Especially when they thought there was nothing that could be done. After running an International Corporation for 4 years I decided to no longer allow myself to be chained to a desk, stressed and unhealthy. I made the change and became a Personal Trainer and eventually a Holistic Lifestyle Coach.

Yes, online training is available for Personal Training, Applied Neurology, and ECS Therapy. Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and Nutrition Counseling can be done online or over the telephone.

Most of our services are done Online or remotely now. In person services can be done while following Covid safety guidelines. Hand washing, masks, physical distancing, and both client and trainer will wear a form of face guard if prolonged close contact is necessary. As well as cleaning and disinfecting all equipment between clients.


Lifecoaching is for people who know that living to the fullest depends on more than loosing a few pounds. We look at all areas of life - stress nutrition, thoughts, emotions, actions, exercise - to give you what you need to show up for yourself and your loved ones 100% everyday. Recreate yourself one positive life-affirming habit at a time. If you are ready for change, you came to the right place.

Uses the science of neurology to get people to do things they never thought they could do - Recover from an accident or beat their PR. This is just what you need if you have a lingering pain or restriction from an old injury, have had a concussion or brain injury, or have vision or vestibular problems. In athletics, this is a new hack to become your best, using science to push past your threshold, increase speed, coordination, and balance.

Learn the consistency, dedication and patience needed for a healthy active lifestyle.  Build lean muscle mass, burn fat and improve posture to make you feel more comfortable and healthy in your own body.  
Each client will start with an overview assessment to see where they are and what needs working on and their program will be designed based on this. The assessment will identify imbalances and impediments so that past obstacles can be overcome in a deliberate way.
Benefit from the motivation and accountability you get with individualized coaching for resistance training, endurance training, and overall health and wellness.

Thai massage stretching gives a deeper more relaxed stretch by adding Thai massage to assisted stretching. The practitioner addresses joint health and mobility And uses Thai massage to allow muscles to relax that are normally active during regular stretching.

This type of treatment uses breathwork and movement to directly address the nervous system. This way we can modulate the endocrine system, improving the digestive system, sleep patterns, pain perception, energy levels, alertness. It also gets the fluid flowing through all of your fascia, cleaning out and nourishing areas that have lack of hydration and pain due to injury, degenerative conditions, and inflammation

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