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10 February 2018

I couldn't be happier having found Sushma and her team while I was living in Toronto last year. I come from Finland, a country known for its amazing public and private health care but for my great disbelief I ended up visiting tens of specialists in Finland trying to figure out the root of some intestinal issues I had struggled with for years - with no success. Sushma figured out immediately what was going on with me, approaching health issues in a complete new way for me. The problems I had had for 4 years, disappeared COMPLETELY in two weeks after my first consultation. Even now after having returned to Finland, I've used Nature's Intentions Naturopath Clinic and Sushma Shah's consultation through Skype concerning other health-related questions. This is simply because I want to make sure that I'm getting the opinion of the best doctor in the Naturopathic medicine field as an addition to the treatment I receive back home. 5/5 stars to Sushma Shah and her team from Finland. More...

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10 January 2018

Natures Intentions is a great clinic! The staff is welcoming and friendly. Dr. Shaw is a charismatic, compassionate, and loving human being that makes you feel comfortable, take the time to listen to you and treat you with respect. I started seeing Dr. Shaw for fatigue, digestive, hormonal, thyroid, fibroids and fertility problems in March 2016. After the initial appointment, Dr. Shaw was able to identify what part of my diet was causing irritation. Then, after my blood work and other test came back. Dr. Shaw provided me with a comprehensive plan based on nutrition, homeopathy, herbs, vitamins, and acupuncture. I'm happy to say that my blood work, thyroid, and hormones are normal and my fibroids are gone, we're still working on fertility. Dr. Shaw really focuses on addressing the root cause! I'm truly impressed with her work, knowledge, and professionalism. I highly recommend Dr. Shaw! More...

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4 July 2017

I feel cared for and at ease here. And I really value that Dr. Shah looks at both physiological and psychological reasons behind symptoms. Also, Katerina is an excellent massage therapist! More...

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17 September 2016

A very calm and relaxing atmosphere as soon as you enter. I find Dr. Shah to be attentive and knowlegable on her approach with her patients. Truly appreciated the experience!

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12 April 2014

Dr Shah is a pretty amazing doctor - I was in the best health of my life when I saw her for 4 years, I moved to the US but still see her off and on when I come back.

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