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mended by the Maker is a black owned coaching service that prides itself on problem solving, goal setting/achieving, critical and outside the box thinking. We serve a unique clientele of individuals that are ready to take charge of their lives and move past any hurdles or road blocks that have been hindering them from becoming the best version of themselves possible.

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13 October 2020

I am appreciative and grateful for having had the privilege and opportunity to work with Jenna (Mended by The Maker) over the past 120 days. She is an excellent coach, super insightful, down to earth and very encouraging. I highly recommend Jenna to any person or business looking for an informative and well-educated coach with a high standard of commitment.
Thank you for the coaching, which has helped me transformed my mindset, allowing me to find my way and be successful.

mended by the Maker

Reply from mended by the Maker

Debi, Thank you for allowing me to serve you. You were committed and put in the work needed to bring about the change you've experienced. I am confident that you will continue to grow and challenge yourself for the better. Always remember "It's Already In You." Jenna

12 October 2020

This was a great experience and so informative, I truly felt encouraged and supported. At the time where I needed to be challenged, I was and grew so much because of it. Mended by the Maker helped me take accountability for my life and pursue my goals. I am blessed to have had this opportunity to work with Jenna, I’m so grateful. Thank you! More...

mended by the Maker

Reply from mended by the Maker

Chalanda it has been my pleasure to serve you. You are a phenomenal woman and I know you will continue to grow and know that I am just a phone call away. Just remember "It's Already In You."


I love showing people how God can make them whole. I love that I get to meet new people. I love that moment when the client's mind opens and they begin to see the bigger picture and hope is restored. I love the challenge of serving a client in a way that they did not expect and watching them transform their lives and the lives of those around them.

I was an emotional wreck. A single mother of 3, recently diagnosed with cancer, in school, working at the hospital over time on over time, divorced and left feeling like I wasn't worth anything. I decided I was not going to die, that I had 3 children that needed me, that I could be made whole. I decided to allow myself to be mended by the Maker.
I've been blessed with a special gift of attentiveness. I have been given the ability to make others feel comfortable enough to share with me what they would never share with anyone else, regardless of how long they have known me. God has been healing me since that day and as a result I have been sharing what He has taught me with countless others using this platform.

Besides being a Registered Nurse and certified coach, I've been where you are. I can empathize with you while STRETCHING you out of your comfort zone and helping you to see how you can get out of your own way. I can help you BUILD and MAINTAIN the right MINDSET for success in EVERY area of your life. Our programs look at the WHOLE individual and is built individually to bring about CHANGE holistically. I know that with God we can change one thing in your life that will change EVERYTHING in your life. Using God's principles, our program is GUARANTEED to work. If you are WILLING to give it a try and DO your part, your life WILL change, you WILL be transformed.

Services can be provided remotely (phone, zoom) or in person.

We encourage remote coaching sessions, however if we need to meet in person we ensure to have sanitizer, masks and limit the time we spend in one location. We lean more towards outdoor where there can be an exchange of more fresh air.


This session is designed for me to get to know you and you to get to know me. In this session I would like to know all that you are willing to share with, so that I can offer my services to you or if I cannot assist you, refer you to someone that I know or find someone for you (if you need me to). This is a 2 hour session that can be done in person or remotely.