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2021 Grantham Court Northwest, Edmonton, AB, Canada

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We are small family business. With excellent customer service. Our customer satisfaction is our number one priority. We install and use material by the latest standards of the Telecommunication industry. We are following all the rules and regulations of the industry.

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Magnecom Ltd. Is fully licensed, insured and registered company in Alberta, WCB, Liability insurance and GST.

The company is in the telecommunication industry since 2008.

.- Installation of phone and internet data lines. CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6A.
- Installation of phone riser cables, 25/50/100/200 pairs and termination to a BIX panels.

- Network cable termination for data, phone, and VOIP lines.

We have 11 years of experience for cable network wiring for new builds, houses, office space, hotels, medical clinics, restaurants, small and medium commercial space.

- Patch panel installation and termination, 24/48 ports for

CAT5E, CAT6 and CAT6A.

- Network switch installation 8/16/24/48 ports.

- Cable management and cable racks installation.

- Installation of phone jacks, data jacks, internet jacks and cable TV jacks.

- Installation of wall plates, connectors. RJ45, RJ11 and RG6.

- Installation and termination of structural cabling, vertical and horizontal.

- We provide fibre optic cable installation, 2/6/12/24/48/64 strands.
Multimode OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4. 50/125 62.5/125
Single mode, OS1 and OS2, 9/125 8.3/125.

- Certified fibre optic cable, FT4 and FT6, fire rated cable for indoor and outdoor use.

- Termination of LC and SC fiber connectors, single mode and multi mode.
Installation of fibre optic patch panels, wall mounted panels, fibre optic switches, media converters SFP modules.

- FLUKE certification for the fibre optic and cat5e/cat6 cables.

- Installation of security cameras, wiring and configuration.

- Cable testing to make sure all the components working properly.

-Installation of cable TV lines, RG6,(COAX).

-Installation of speaker wire and video.

-TV wall mounting, any size TV on any wall, bricks, tiles, above fire place.

-Maintenance and repair services for existing lines.

We specializing in DSL TELUS lines, Demarc. Inside wiring.


Lots of experience working for TELUS residential and commercial customers. Demarcation, DSL line extensions to the premises.

-Network installation:

- Wireless WIFI Access Points, indoor and outdoor.
-P2P setup. Wireless link between 2 buildings or more, without trenching for a network cable run between the buildings.

- Wireless WIFI range extenders.
- Network switches installation and configuration.

- Modems and Routers Installation and Configuration.

Our company Magnecom Ltd, is fully licensed, insured and registered company in Albeta, WCB, liability insurance and GST.

-We install wired IP cameras ( cat5e, cat6 wiring).

-Wired analog cameras ( RG59, RG6, and coax cables with BNC connectors).

-Installation of wireless cameras ( working on batteries or power). And 2 way audio cameras.

-Installation of POE (power over Ethernet) network switches for IP cameras and power boxe for analog cameras.

-All of our cameras comes with various resolution of:

2MP (1080p= 1080x1920).

4MP ( 2K= 1080x2048).

8 Mp (4K= 2160x3840).

* The higher the resolution and you will be able clearly identify what is in the image.

-All of our cameras have wide viewing angle, between 90 degrees and 110 degrees ( depends on the type of camera). And with a range up to 150 feet.

-All of our cameras have digital zoom, that you will be able to zoom in to have a closer look at the image.

-All of our cameras have IR night vision ( infra red black and white vision), or colored night vision.

The cameras also have motion detection sensors.

-We install mini dome cameras, bullet cameras, turret cameras, PTZ (pan tilt zoom), and morotized cameras.

-We install indoor and outdoor cameras.

-Our outdoor cameras are 100% water proof.

-Installation of doorbell cameras that integrated to your security cameras system.

-Our NVR’s ( network video recorder) come with the options of:

4 Chanel- up to 4 cameras connections.

8 Chanel- up to 8 cameras connections.

16 Chanel- up to 16 cameras connections.

32 Chanel- up to 32 cameras connections.

64 Chanel- up to 64 cameras connections.

128 Chanel- up to 128 cameras connections.

-Our NVR’s can hold up to 32 TB of memory , for recording storage. And can have the option for external hard drive for back up the recordings.

* The bigger the hard drive and you will be able to store the recordings for a longer period of time.

-Our NVR’s can be programmed for continuous recording, or recording by motion ( when the camera detects motion only then the recording device will record the event.

* The benefit of recording by motion, is that it saves a lot of space on the hard drive.

-We can programm the recording device that you will be able to have full access to your cameras system not only from your home or business, but also from your Phone, Tablet,Laptop or Desktop computer from anywhere. And it gives you the option to watch live feed from the cameras and search for recordings

We can also setup your smartphone, tablet or iPad, that you will be able to receive notifications from the recording device when your cameras detected a motion. This way you will be able to login to your system and check if there is suspicious activity on your property.

* If you have several buildings on your property and you want to place security cameras on both of the buildings , we can setup a wireless link between your buildings for security cameras without any digging and running cables in the ground.

-We can help you to design your security camera system. Advice you for the best cameras placement and best video coverage of your property.

-Magnecom Ltd. Provide you with the next generation of superior video surveillance products.

-We using the best and up to date technology to provide you with the best CCTV services.

-We provide full warranty for 3 years on parts, materials and labor.

* If you already purchased security camera system, we can install it for you.