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At Luxe Cleaning Co. we pride ourselves in treating your home like it is our own. We offer many different cleaning services to give you a hand in your daily cleaning duties.

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30 September 2023

It was my very first time hiring someone to clean my house. When I walked in I was so excited and happy about the job. Then when I walked upstairs and around where they were supossed to clean I saw lots of stuff wasn't done. Like dusting, washing floors or some vacuuming. The only thing they did great was the shower clean, bathtub, sink and kitchen the rest was all not done. Iam so very disappointed I'm not sure if I will ever hire anyone for house cleaning again. Emailed them and they offered to send that cleaner back to my house but in my opinion if I hire you for a day then you get the job done that you promised . I don't want her back 2 days... the least they could have done was give me a discount for the things that weren't done at all. I'm.so disappointed it was a bad experience that I will not repeat again. More...

31 July 2022

Our house was cleaned thoroughly and professionally for a wedding. It looked great and we look forward to having Luxe regularly now.

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6 April 2022

Highly recommended. I have been using Luxe for a couple of years now and have always been happy with the work they have done and a few misses that I noticed were quickly corrected. My last cleaning, yesterday, however, was exceptionally well done, especially the dusting and polishing. Thank you Team 8. More...

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15 January 2022

Not to recommend! Can't keep there word. Workers keep leaving cause of bad management.

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14 September 2021

I had them clean my house for the first time on august 31st, 2021. At first I noticed a few things that were missed and thought it was ok because that happens from time to time. They seemed very rushed. I let them know and they offered a discount on my next clean. I was ok with that. Then as I started to look further, there were large spots of my carpet that wasn’t vacuumed at all. 2 days after they were here, a ring appeared in my main bathroom which means they did not even clean the toilet AT ALL. The bathtub wasn’t touched either. Only half of my tv stand was dusted and the shelves weren’t wiped at all. I then contacted them to let them know I would like a refund of my money as I did not get what I paid for and would not be using their services anymore. I haven’t heard from them since. More...

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27 July 2021

Had Ashley and Agatha clean at my house today, July 26. Friendly girls and did a great job. They actually did more then requested. The house smelled so clean and fresh when I came home. Would recommend them and their company to everyone. More...

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14 May 2021

Luxe cleaning started work at my Mother's home. Marion did a great job. Was prompt and very personable. Thank you!

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18 March 2021

Understanding the difference between a quote and a estimate would go a long way

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12 January 2021

Had my first cleaning with Luxe and I am beyond impressed. The attention to detail was above and beyond. So happy to have them coming regularly. Being a full time student and mom this had been such a stress relief 🥰 More...

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30 December 2020

We were gifted their services for a very LARGE and tedious cleaning job after a major renovation. We are SO happy with the results of their work, and the staff who were in our home were extremely kind and respectful ! 1000% recommend!

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14 November 2020

Luxe has been amazing. My only regret is not getting their services earlier 😂.

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13 November 2020

Professional and on time. I find the communication to be responsive and quick. I have nothing but good things to say and am looking forward to their next clean!!

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15 October 2020

Our 3rd visit of three has so far been the best yet! We are very happy with the cleanliness of our house afterwards. I will say, the communication needs improvement. I filled out a survey after our initial visit with some questions/concerns 6 weeks ago and haven't heard anything back. This is disappointing, but certainly doesn't reflect the quality of their work. More...

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12 October 2020

Always a great job! Highly Recommended

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16 December 2019

luxe always does a thorough cleaning job! Highly recommend them.

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26 November 2019

If you have small children at home, luxe is a LIFESAVER. I originally had Luxe come in and clean after my 3rd c section, biweekly for a few months. Over the summer I thought I was able to hold down the fort myself. Come this early winter I had fallen so behind on everything that when I woke up in the mornings it began with chaos and anxiety. I felt like I could get things put away room by room but never actually get anything clean while chasing the boys... from purely an emotional place, I felt so overwhelmed that some days, I just threw in the towel and shut the door on the disaster. Literally. I finally messaged Luxe with an SOS + they fit me in for a clean in less than a week. When I came home yesterday, for the first time in a long time, I was able to just.. RELAX and hang out with my kids. Maintaining a clean space once it’s been totally done is far easier than trying to play catch up on an overwhelming, endless to do list. Luxe cleaning genuinely goes above and beyond to make sure that their clients are happy. They keep notes from households updated on individuals preferences + you can tell that even when someone other than the regular cleaning person comes, they remembered the little things you like. Guys, you don’t even understand the weight that has been lifted. I know it’s just a home clean but when you’re a SAHM + you’re picking up after EVERYONE 110% of the time, the feels you get when someone else comes in, and takes care of everything that’s stressful to YOU- that’s of incalculable worth. I’m keeping you guys forever so welcome to the fam ????????‍♀️???????? More...

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21 November 2019

We are very happy with Luxe. Ashley is friendly and professional, and she does a surprising amount of work for the time she spends at our house!

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8 November 2019

I am very happy with the cleaning service Luxe provides. Special kudos to two of your ladies, Tess and Ashley, who are always friendly and always do a wonderful job of making our home clean and fresh smelling. Thanks ladies. Thanks Luxe.

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26 October 2019

Had my first clean yesterday! I’m so impressed! Will definitely be booking again and will definitely recommend Luxe to my friends!

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23 September 2019

They ignore there emails they didn't get back to me after sending then many emails I would use these guys for anything ever again Don't waste your money on these guys very unprofessional

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19 July 2019

Very happy with them! They were able to come on short-notice and did a terrific job, great attention to detail and friendly to deal with. Will definitely use Luxe services again, thanks! More...

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21 February 2019

Professional, prompt, and excellent at what they do. My first cleaning was earlier this week. I was very impressed by Maria and her attention to detail. Would definitely recommend. Worth every penny! More...

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22 January 2019

I recently used their move in clean service. I am so overly impressed with their attention to details in making everything so clean and polished! !! I enjoyed reading the thank you card the superb cleaning staff had left for me, as well as the tasty chocolate! I would highly recommend their services!!!! Thank you so much ladies for making a stressful time moving a lot less stressful!!!! More...

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1 November 2018

I have had some issues in the past regarding cleanings from Luxe. They addressed them and I absolutely look forward to coming home on cleaning days now. Jenn cleans our house and she is 100% fantastic. I requested only Jenn and they have accommodated it. More...

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29 October 2018

Very disappointed. Did not do many of the jobs listed on their quotes.

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10 October 2018

Cleanings were good but the quotes are not very accurate. Turned out to be more expensive then I expected and there was poor communication.

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13 July 2018

Luxe did such a wonderful job cleaning our home. My hubby and I have had some health issues over the years, so housework has been a bit difficult at times. I love the quick response to my questions. That means so much! Outstanding customer service. I will be booking again soon. Thank you! More...

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11 July 2018

Our home was cleaned by Cindy from Luxe Cleaning.I was hesitate at first to have someone else clean my home but I was very happy with the results.

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6 July 2018

I had my first visit today and man was I shocked. They went above and beyond. I’m so incredibly happy, always nice having a clean apartment for the weekend. Thanks again Jenny and Juliana! �

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26 June 2018

We had a bit of a bumpy start but Luxe did it’s best to rectify and I have never looked back. They are so professional and I love coming home Friday to a clean house. Thanks so much Luxe crew you all do such an awesome job!!!! More...

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18 April 2018

These ladies are INCREDIBLE!! I won the Spring Cleaning giveaway and let me tell you I cannot thank them enough!!! My house looks amazing! ! It has never been cleaned by anyone else so thoroughly but myself! Lol THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! More...

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6 April 2018

The owners went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied. thank you.

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2 April 2018

So happy to have Luxe cleaning my home. They are organized and friendly. Becky my cleaner was friendly, upbeat and she did a terrific job.

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2 March 2018

Luxe is great to deal with! Jenni does such a great job and I appreciate her attention to the little details! I’m really picky and she far exceeded my expectations! Keep up the great work �

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17 November 2017

My favorite days are the days the Luxe girls have been to my place! There’s nothing like knowing things have been so well cleaned and cared for! Always professional and thoughtful! More...

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28 October 2017

We have 3 dogs and with Luxe’s bi-weekly service, you’d never know it!

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27 October 2017

Love coming home to a clean house! They do a great job, and everything runs seamlessly from booking, text reminders, invoices and paying. Highly recommend!

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21 October 2017

I had my first visit today and am so impressed with the quality service that was provided. This truly was one of the best decisions I have made. You have one happy customer here in Niverville � Thank you SO much! More...

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17 October 2017

Far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be recommending you! -j

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29 September 2017

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17 August 2017

We have a big house and a big family! Keeping up with everything can feel oh so overwhelming. Having Luxe come in has been absolutely fantastic. They are thorough and professional and easy to work with. We love how they've set themselves up online. Luxe comes biweekly to our home and gives us the cleaning boost we need to stay on top of things between visits. We love these guys and feel blessed to have found them ???? Thank you! More...

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15 August 2017

Luxe Cleaning is amazing!! I recently hired them for my workplace and they go above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied! They have been incredible to deal with and so easy going. Thank you so much for being so dedicated to making sure your customers are happy! More...

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11 August 2017

Luxe Cleaning Co. is fantastic, especially with the weekly cleaning tasks that need to get done. I really appreciate Jennifer, especially when I ask her to wipe down an extra area in the house e. g. underneath the kitchen sink, (if she has time) within that visit, she gets it done, as well as organizes the dish soap etc. that's underneath the sink- the little things have not gone unnoticed! Thank you Luxe Cleaning Co. you have truly made coming home from work on Thursdays relaxing! :) More...

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