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landviewbc landscaping ltd is a landscaping and renovations company. we have been doing landscaping and renovations for more than 20 years altogether from which 13 have been in lower mainland BC. please visit our facebook page at landviewbc or our website landviewbc.ca for me information.

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our estimates are always on the lower side and we almost never skip on the quality of our projects. our priority is the satisfaction of our customers because most of them have been introduced to us by our past clients.

yes, our design are absolutely free of charge. designing a bathroom can be done remotely. if client likes the results then we will install the real deal for them.

masks and distancing are still the way to go. we always ask our clients how they prefer to meet us regarding the covid situation and then plan according to that.


Retaining walls allow water to drain. Having steep slopes can often look attractive but are often impractical. The right retaining wall will use a gradual incline, have steps, and utilize the vertical forces from the wall itself. This will hold the soil in the hardscape area. The soil will then absorb the moisture to a degree but it is important to have holes in the wall to allow water to slowly release.

The type of soil used in the retaining wall is another important factor to consider. Select granular soil to allow water to soak deep into the earth or to flow naturally with the slope of the wall. If your soil consists of clay, it will be difficult for the water to move freely and drain. As gravity pulls the water downward, the granular soil allows the water to exit.

Installing drainage pipes into the retaining wall is recommended for houses with drainage problems. Be sure that the pipes are installed in the optimal inlet and outlet sections of the wall. Be sure to speak to a professional before installing this.

Having a patio in the backyard is about as commonplace as a sprawling green lawn, but in recent years their designs have been anything but average.

Despite the fact that patios are a quintessential piece for most outdoor living spaces, this doesn’t mean that just anyone can design and install them correctly. While it’s common for homeowners to not know what all is involved, sometimes even landscape contractors can underestimate the price and complexity a patio install can entail.

“If they’ve just been doing maintenance, they need to understand the local codes, setbacks and get a network of subcontractors prior to getting into all these projects,. Sometimes they can get caught in the middle of things and people get upset but they can avoid that if they do their homework upfront.”

The Benefits of Water Features
Having a water feature in your yard or patio can help provide calming sights and sounds, promoting relaxation and stress reduction. They can help draw beneficial wildlife to your yard, like birds, butterflies, and bees.

Advantages of stone pavers.
( stone pavers vs concrete is like comparing a hand tufted rug and a machined rug. concrete might be slightly cheaper but will almost never be able to look as good as stone pavers.)

Top 7 Benefits Of Natural Stone Pavers Vs Concrete.
Timeless Elegance.
Low Maintenance.
Ages Beautifully.
You Have Plenty Of Style Choices.
Better Investment.
Eco-Friendly And Sustainable.

1. Natural Stone Pavers
2. Concrete Pavers
These are manmade products manufactured and produced in factories and the shape and colour choices are endless. You’ll find that there are no limitations when it comes to selecting the right shaped pavers for any walkway.

3. Brick Pavers
These are also manmade products manufactured and processed in factories all over the world. Because they are fired at high temperatures, the firing process produces their earthy color tones.

Enhance Your Landscape
Walkways add charm, interest and curb appeal to any home.

Evergreen Landscaping’s qualified professionals can help you to enhance the look of your property, so contact us today for a consultation.

landscape stairs offer the most aesthetically pleasing alternative to get the results you’re after. Precast stairs look plain, require excessive labour to install, and generally only come in set styles. Wooden stairs are simple and inexpensive, but require constant maintenance and don’t stand up to the elements. Landscape stairs built with CornerStone retaining blocks are long-lasting, and can even be fitted with lighting to fulfill your creative whims!

we install most kinds of fences. from simple cedar to high end aluminum.

When it rains, soil is displaced from your landscaping to other areas of your yard. This is referred to as “soil erosion.” Without proper drainage, over time this displacement can cause issues with soil depth which can cause damage to your landscaping.

Fire Pits Make Your Patio a Multi-Season Space.
Fire Pits Add Ambiance.
Fire Pits Provide Entertainment.
Fire Pits Offer a Great Cooking Tool.

Installing sod in your yard is a great way to instantly add life to a bleak area and quickly bring in color to a barren landscape.