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Newmarket , Ontario, Canada

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I do Commercial photography for business and advertising.
I do product primarily as well as facilities and location work for businesses to advertise online or with printed brochures.
I do not do weddings or Family portrait work.

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Getting the lighting right is the primary concern. If you are shooting with available light you look at where it is coming from. If you are setting up the lighting with strobes then that takes more experience. You need to enhance the product to show features and details.

I like to ask a client what the main primary use of the photos will be. This tells me what size files I need to produce. If it is for online purposes only then I will supply smaller size High quality photos to upload easily. If the client also needs to print brochures or Trade show booth materials, then I supplied large HighRez files as well as the web sized images.

Working directly with clients to make suggestions and help them get the best images to promote their products

I have many years of experience starting well back in the large format film camera days. The experience of those days helps me now in the digital age as I still know how to set up a shot to get it right straight from the camera, rather than fix it in photoshop later.
All my photos go through the computer to crop and improve an image and enhance any image or change the background. It is incredible what we can do with digital images now that was not possible in the film days.