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Kcal Fitness is a private Personal Training and Nutrition center in Kitchener, where experienced Personal Trainers Jenn and Bill Calberry have been helping people to lose weight and build strong healthy bodies for years. The gym was designed to make professional training and nutrition coaching available to the average person, and the spacious private gym combines all the equipment and resources they need.

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28 April 2019

Personal Trainers

I've been very happy with the fitness assessment and workout program.

19 February 2019

Training with Bill in the past changed everything for me and made me so much stronger, on the inside and out!

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19 February 2019

I have trained with Bill numerous times over the past 10 years. I have worked with him in a "tradtional" gym setting as well as out-of-his-home. Each and every time, I gain strength, knowledge and confidence, and the desire to maintain and sometimes challenge, my overall physical health.
Bill has given me the tools to work independantly, with a partner or even in a small group. With Bill's expertise and abiltiy to "think outside the box", I have reached a level of fitness that I would otherwise never have achieved!
I look forward to working with Bill again!

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Simply put, maintainable results and good health aren't possible without proper nutrition. While you can create some short-term improvements in fitness, strength and even body composition without first fixing the problems in your diet, that approach will always come back to bite you in the end. Simply look at how often people who lose weight using any of the popular approaches to diet regain that weight and end up in even worse shape than before they started. We believe that to succeed in the long-term you need to make sure your approach to diet is sound, so that you avoid the nutritional deficiencies and burn-out that brings most people down in the end.

We use proven methods and strategies that we've developed and refined over decades of working with real clients in real life situations to develop exercise and nutrition programs that are uniquely designed for every client and their busy life. The vast majority of our clients have limited time and energy to devote to exercise and diet, and we understand that if we don't keep things simple, efficient and manageable for them they won't succeed.

To build the body you want, you must first understand where you are in relation to that goal, and what you'll need to change and improve to get there. Then develop a step-by-step plan to accomplish each of those things at a pace that's manageable for you. Impatience and the urge to skip steps or take on too much too quickly is more often than not what destroys most people's chances of reaching their goals. In the end, those who understand that success is about making systematic improvements over time, are the ones who achieve the greatest success.

Helping people to sort through all the misinformation and deception that is so pervasive in the diet and fitness industry, so that they can understand and focus on the simple time-tested methods and strategies needed to build a strong healthy body that they can maintain.

After years of working in large fitness clubs, the shift towards placing sales ahead of getting results and what was best for the customer had simply gone too far for me to tolerate. I needed to start fresh and create a place where I was free to focus on what is best for my clients, and where I would never be asked or required to follow policies to the contrary ever again. Kcal Fitness was built from the ground up for Trainers and their clients to work together to achieve the client's goals.

We believe that exercise and nutrition are tools to be used for building people up; making them stronger, fitter and healthier instead of tearing them down and reducing them to a smaller, weaker and sicklier version of their former selves - primed for injury or rebound. We also understand that our clients have busy lives and are not interested in giving up everything they enjoy in life, simply to lose some weight and build a strong healthy body they can maintain.


There's no substitute for having an experienced Trainer to develop an effective program and guide you through your exercise sessions, and Kcal Fitness has two of the most experienced career Trainers in the entire region. Between them, Bill and Jenn Calberry have nearly 5-decades of experience working with people from all walks of life. They are also lifelong fitness enthusiasts themselves, and they understand what it takes to maintain a regular program in the midst of raising children and working long hours. Individual Sessions are $50+HST.

At Kcal Fitness we do nutrition much differently than most Trainers and Nutritionists. Instead of handing you a meal-plan or pushing one of the many fad diets that come and go all the time, we work with you to help you fix what's not working about your own diet. We believe that good nutrition isn't something you achieve all at once, but that you work towards it in the same way you work towards building strength and fitness; setting and achieving realistic goals without taking on too much too fast.

From our perspective, lifestyle is nothing more or less than how your exercise and nutrition program meshes with your day to day schedule, your interests and your preferred living style. While it's true that there often has to be a bit of give and take between those things, your program has to realistic in terms of the change it requires you to make in other areas of your life, and the amount of time and energy it demands, otherwise it won't be maintainable and neither will your results. That's why we work with every one of clients on an ongoing basis to find ways to establish a reasonable balance between their program and the rest of their lives.