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Tony has been involved in Personal Training since 2011. He specializes in rehab, functional control, strength, flexibility, core control, alignment and advanced calesthenics. His accreditations consist of:

-2 PT certifications. One from the Australian Institute of Fitness and one from the North American Sports and Medicine Institute.

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5 customer reviews

16 November 2022

Tony without question the most knowledgeable trainer I’ve ever been lucky enough to work with. His extensive knowledge of the body in its entirety, every pain and its root cause, and most importantly, the solution to each ache and pain, is an absolute gift. He gives you clear directions for exercises to deal with injuries as well as to achieve fitness goals. If you follow his nutrition and exercise regimen or even just surround yourself with his infectious enthusiasm, you can’t lose. The information I’ve learned from him will last me a lifetime. More...

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2 February 2022

Personal Trainers

Tony at K I Fitness is a top-tier trainer. He is passionately committed to his clients’ success, including health, stamina and strength. I’ve been working with Tony for 18 months and I’m stronger, healthier and more confident. I highly recommend Tony for anyone looking to make positive change! More...

29 July 2020

Tony’s passion, knowledge and willingness to share them are endless and the best motivation you can get. Fitness is a long and sometimes difficult journey but having Tony, always smiling and joking with me, makes me always want to push harder and get better. He’s not just a trainer, he becomes a friend. More...

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18 June 2020

Tony has been with me since the beginning of my fitness journey. He was the first person to believe in me, even when I didn’t believe in myself. His knowledge of how the body works and what connects to what constantly amazes me. I have been able to achieve things I never thought possible with his training and guidance. My fitness journey is not finished yet but because of Tony I have the tools and the confidence to achieve every one of my goals. Thank you my friend. It’s higher Tony! ???? More...

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8 June 2020

I was training with Tony for 2 years 2-3 days a week. I was looking for mobility and pain relief, and was able to deliver both benefits on the first session. We spent months on that before he suggested we move to adding in strength training, because I told him at the beginning I didn’t want any strength training. He always kept to my main goals, but added more and more strength. After the first full year with him, people were commenting on my progress. By the end of the 2 years, my body went from a large belly with no pecs and small arms, to a small belly with proportionate pecs and arms. I went from squatting a half plate to nearly three and a half. I only stopped seeing Tony because I left the country. I highly recommend him to everyone. More...

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We start by having a complimentary movement assessment. From there we can discuss your goals and reasons for wanting to make a change. We will pinpoint areas that need improvement and design a plan to help you get to where you want to be. I will be giving you homework to do, so the amount of progress you achieve will depend on how disciplined you become away from our sessions as well as during them. I provide a fun atmosphere and know that each person has a different mental approach to how they can incorporate fitness and health into their lifestyle. I'm here to help and will go at your pace.

You have to be in it for the long term. This is about a lifestyle change. A saying I like to abide by is, "Concentrate on ATHLETICS, and AESTHETICS will be a positive bi-product. But concentrate on AESTHETICS, you will more than likely lose ATHLETIC ability."
Meaning if you concentrate on how well your body moves, rather than how it looks... it will begin to look good regardless. But if you only care about how it looks... then you will neglect how well it supposed to move and be more susceptible to injury and fatigue, halting progress.

I love being able to see the changes in my clients, and the smiles and excitement on their faces when they achieve a goal they've been working towards. I believe everyone has the capability of moving how they want without pain, and I love to help and show them how to get there.

I was working in a "big box" gym for quite some time, and I saw the pressure they put on their staff, and members just to drive revenue. In my mind that is not what fitness is about. Moving your body should be fun and enjoyable, and not based on making people feel guilty. I want to inspire and teach people to believe in themselves.

I'm very passionate about human movement. I used to be the guy who would want to lift as heavy as possible as soon as possible, but as soon as I changed my mindset to HOW I MOVED instead of HOW I LOOKED, a whole new world of possibilities opened up to me. I now move and feel better in my mid 30's than I ever did my entire life.

▪︎ I was born with a bone deficiency in my feet, needing surgery to correct them as a baby so I would not end up with claw feet.

▪︎ I had flat feet for about 30 years of my life

▪︎ I was diagnosed with scoliosis in High School

▪︎ I was diagnosed with Patella Tendopothy in both knees in my mid 20's, one jump and they would hurt for a week. If I sat bent knees for too long the pain would become unbearable.

▪︎ I messed up my right shoulder in 2017 in a snowboarding accident. Push-ups, presses and anything shoulder related would be a hassle for me to perform.

NOW I have a straight spine, arched feet, and healthy knees, hips and shoulders. This is because I started concentrating on how my body moved and felt rather than how it looked. Being body aware is super hard when you first start changing your mindset but, as everything, it becomes easier over time with consistency.

Remember this, IF you SOLELY concentrate on aesthetics, than your athletic ability will suffer. IF you concentrate on athletics, than your aesthetics will be a healthy by-product of that training. If you truly want to feel good in your body, start paying attention to how it moves.

I want to give my knowledge to as many people as possible, those who want it to live better lives, pain free and able to move and use their bodies to the optimum ability.


This fantastic service helps you feel limber but also activates the inactive muscles in your body. Over a 6 week course, these sessions will increase mobility, blood flow and body control.

I will help you restore your body to it's full potential. Starting with a movement screening I will identify areas of imbalance and together we will work on a program that will get you feeling stronger, more capable of movements you never thought possible, more flexible and pain free.