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I am passionate about supporting professionals, whether it be career change, achievement of new stretch goals, or simply reskilling to better navigate daily work and personal challenges. Drawing on the field of neuroleadership, I bring in tools and research based practical methods to help you improve relationships, daily communication and professional development. Please call me and I'll happily answer your questions.

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Helping people be the best they can be - and to have breakthroughs in their life, career and thinking that unleashes clear decisions and more positive behaviors and habits. I love supporting people and seeing the positive impact this work has on my clients!

The need for research based proven techniques that help peeople be the best they can be. Also the need to reach people using technology, without having to invest time and money in travel. I love the autonomy I have to work with people around the world who are in many different timezones.

I've been doing this for 20 years and am an expert in my field. I work with CEOs, parents, VPs, lawyers, doctors, students, engineers, finance brokers - what we all have in common is a desire for support to help them through challenging times, and to get clear on what they want to achieve.

Yes - its actually highly effective do this work, and interact this way. Its efficient, intimate, powerful and we dont have to travel anywhere. I love it! Nothing is lost by connecting in this way at all. It surprises most people.

This does not apply as we each get to work from our home/office space safely.


I use a brain based approach to helping people have deep insights about how to shift decisions and behaviors to have a more fulfilling and successful career, relationships and life.
Online curiculum, behavioral tools, goal setting process - are all part of what I offer. I work with people around the world, to help them navigate challenging and changing times, more effectively.