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Imprint Pilates

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18 customer reviews

9 November 2018

I have been attending Michelle’s Monday night TRX/conditioning class for a little under two years. As a runner, Michelle understands the training needs of athletes and is able to gear the exercises and weekly workouts to our specific needs and race schedules. If any athletes are looking to improve their strength, speed, and/or endurance, I highly recommend Michelle’s class. More...

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30 October 2018

Pilates is my secret anti-aging tool and Imprint is the best secret in town. Incredible value for your money, welcoming atmosphere, and a great location.

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23 October 2017

very happy place & great vibe. highly recommended...

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16 July 2017

My wife & I have been receiving TCM acupuncture treatments since 2011, and we've found Kriss' treatments extremely beneficial.  Treating our aches and pains, along with consultations on sleep, conception, and childcare, we have found Kriss to be an exceptional resource and treatment specialist.  Kriss is very caring, thoughtful, knowledgeable, and helpful, and we would recommend her to anyone. More...

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29 December 2016

This is a wonderful Pilates studio! All the instructors are so knowledgeable and friendly yet still kick your butt in every session. Highly recommended!!

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8 October 2016

Had my first ever Pilates session today and I have to say, I think I am in love ! It was fantastic. Anita was amazing and so patient with my lack of breathing coordination. I can't wait to go back next Saturday !!! More...

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21 September 2016

First time in Toronto came to Imprint for two days with Marie and Sunny and had the best workout ever I'd highly recommend the studio to anybody coming into the city everybody was friendly and I wish you guys were closer.

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7 September 2016

Loved Michelle Clarke's Strength For Runners Workshop! A noticeable difference after just 6 classes. I'm stronger and have the tools to tackle my half marathon this fall!

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17 June 2016

Great space. Great teachers and practitioners! Great location.

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11 March 2014

I can warmly recommend Imprint Pilates for their services. Having moved recently I needed to find a new Pilates studio and came across Imprint Pilates and I have to say that it is by far the best studio I went to yet. The trainers are all very professional and well trained. My problem with a lot of other studios always was that the classes weren't challenging enough, but at Imprint Pilates they try to give you a personalized experience and for the first time I was quite challenged by the different moves and felt great after finishing my lessons. Therefore if you search a studio, which can accommodate your specific needs, don't search any longer and try Imprint Pilates! More...

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4 February 2014

I've been going here for a few years now and have enjoyed it immensley.  The instructors are excellent and really listen to each client's individual needs (well they always have with me anyway).  They are very hands on and strict about doing the exercises properly (which is good) and will adjust you to do them properly when needed.  The studio is no frills and the floors could stand to be improved or replaced but I certainly enjoy myself. More...

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23 January 2014

Phenomenal atmosphere and energy. Anita and Andreja are gems. I have recommended several people to Imprint and have yet to hear a negative comment. All the facilities are very clean and well kept. I also have done acupuncture with Kris and had great results. Across the board these ladies all care deeply about what they do and thats what makes the difference:) More...

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2 November 2013

A space full of knowledge and shared energy. Love it!

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27 October 2012

Working out at Imprint Pilates has been one of the best values that I've ever discovered. In the course of one hour, and less money than I could have imagined I get a workout that not only makes me stronger for my sport but also works to minimize an injuries that are inevitable for an athlete in her late 40's. Not that anyone could guess I was in my late 40's because Pilates also keeps me youthful. Anita is fantastic as an instructor and clearly inspiring and motivating as a business owner. All her staff are up to the high standard that she has set. And, it's such a fun atmosphere. More...

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12 January 2012

I bought a 10 class pass a while ago through a Groupon deal. I've been to a few yoga studios in this city and what really makes Imprint stand out is the small classes and attentive, knowledgable, and friendly instructors. Furthermore, the instructors have very calm voices and don't talk too much. I've been to a few classes at other studios and the instructors keep talking while you're trying to do balance poses and I find it incredibly distracting. At imprint I always leave their yoga classes feeling rejuvenated. The pilates class was great too, I loved the focus on not straining the lower back and maintaining your 'imprint'. In terms of the atmosphere, it's pretty no frills and there's no showers that I'm aware of. The studio isn't really big but it perfectly fits about 8 people (which is a full class size). I like this more than studios with 30 people in a class and the instructor never gets to see if you're doing anything wrong. My only gripe would be that the changeroom doors face the reception desk so if someone opens the door then people outside can see right in. More...

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11 November 2011

I just get a really good vibe from this studio and I really enjoy practicing here.  The schedule has a nice variety and I have tried the Vinyasa, Hatha Flow and Yin Yang classes which have all been either good or very good.  Andreja's Vinyasa and Bridget's Hatha Flow are my favourite so far.  The studio is small and overall fairly basic but like I said, I just found it to have a good vibe and is a place I will keep coming back to.  I guess intimate is a good word to describe it.  They are also offering a Jivamukti class here (which I have not taken as of yet) on Friday evenings, which I believe is pretty unique to Imprint.  I'm looking forward to giving it a try.  I wish they offered more classes here during the weekends because I would definitely go!  Agree that it's a fairly young studio with room to grow but overall I found the instructors to be quite good.  This is a great studio for beginner and intermediate practitioners. More...

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31 October 2011

I went to a Hatha Flow class on the weekend and it was one of the best classes I have been to in the city.  It's a beautiful studio and quite spacious.  The class was small which was nice because the instructor gave more individual attention than I have experienced at other studios.  The instructor was great.  I will definitely be back. More...

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6 August 2011

Where do I start?!I can not say enough about this studio. I have had back problems since I was 18 due to a serious car accident and have tried everything under the sun (many different physiotherapists, massage, all types of regular exercise, swimming, yoga, community centre pilates classes, etc. ). I'm currently 7 months pregnant - still rockin' the classes, but in the first few months of the pregnancy my back was getting worse.My husband also has back issues (a herniated disk to be exact). He got wind of this studio and decided to make use of the intro class special. He went and was hooked, signing up for private classes. His condition began to improve so I decided to give it a whirl -- he was kind of the guinea pig! I'm now hooked too. Together, we do the semi-private classes because we both need modified programs. My husbands' back is healing and I have never felt better. My pain level has decreased dramatically and the work outs are just awesome. Full-body, kick your butt work. We've had sessions with three different trainers and they are all incredible.I would recommend this studio to anyone who has back issues, wants a safe pregnancy workout, or... well, I'd recommend it to anyone.  This place is the greatest! More...

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