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At Emergence Coaching, the human is at the core of our business. We contribute to our client's success making sure we hear the questions, we listen to our client's desires, objectives and goals by reflecting our understanding of the situation.



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Contributing to a client's discovery on a topic, point of view, he/she had not seen yet. Seeing along with my client the development of a new way of looking at a problem, the opening of new possibilities, infinite possibilities.

I had great success with my employees when I gave them a task with the liberty to use their creativity. I was there as a reference only, and when they were face to a difficulty, I guided them to find their own solution. By sharing my point of view, they discovered a idea they did not think about, a seed of a new solution, a new idea they were free to create and put into action.

Because the human being I work with comes first, because the human being is at the core.