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Davie Dosa Company showcases Dosa, a unique Southern Indian specialty. If you are ready for unearthing traditional recipes and mastered cooking skills.

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17 customer reviews

23 October 2020

The food quality is very good.

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20 August 2020

Really liked masala dosa. They gave a lot of side items/sauces. Liked the items and portion very much. Ordered via door dash, the items were crunchy and hot enough.

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11 August 2020

Delicious meal.....wonderful, knowledgeable server. Clean restaurant. Lovely atmosphere. Definitely recommend!

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3 August 2020

Delicious food, friendly owner and staff, great atmosphere!! Highly recommended!!

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14 July 2020

Walked in on a Sunday afternoon for a brunch and I'm glad we did. The dosas are delicious and the accompanying sambar (lentil curry) and chutneys are very good too. We had 3 types of dosas and filter coffee. I must say that this was the best filter coffee I have had in Vancouver. My dosa was so crisp that I couldn't mould it to have it with my Cajun chicken . When explained to the server, it was promptly replaced by a right consistency one and it was so delicious. Highly recommended from an Indian girl who is not a South Indian and yet grew up on this food back in Mumbai. Go for it! More...

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15 June 2020

The dosas are incredible! I love the flavours and aromas! My meal was Such a delightful experience! I feel so satisfied ❤️

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8 April 2020

Picked this place after reading yelp reviews. Tried Dosa and Chicken 65, dosa was super crisp and tasted yum. Best dosa I've eaten in North America! What grabbed my attention was how cordial the host was. He was so friendly and making sure we were having a good experience. Will definitely make this my regular spot whenever I am in Vancouver. If yelp allowed, I'd rate this place 4.5 stars :) More...

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8 March 2020

Had take out from Davie dosa company. For the price paid, the portions were just okay. Butter chicken was bland with barely any flavour or spice. Fish curry was much better. The "bread" that came included was basically a flavourless pancake. We didn't finish it. The South Indian bread was much better. More...

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6 March 2020

Masala dosa, fish pakodas, veggie samosa and the star of my dinner "mutton curry n rice". I loved the food here. Ended with a nice cup of coffee. Service is top of its class. A must try place if you are out for some Indian food. More...

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2 January 2020

A well-made dosa is a thing of beauty, with its crispy yet pliable structure and tangy savory taste, and Vancouver is lucky to have so many options to try them. I've eaten at Davie Dosa several times now, most recently during the Christmas holidays. Owner Sharv is always at the door to greet diners with a welcoming smile. I've tried the full-sized dosa (over a foot long when rolled up!) with a chicken and potato filling, accompanied by a nice coconut chutney and a small bowl of sambar. The dosa was hot, crispy, and delicious. This is a hugely filling option. On another visit I ordered the chicken curry, which was nicely balanced but lacking heat. As others have noted, they seem to go soft on the spice level--I asked for medium, and this turned out to be no discernible heat whatsoever. This meal also comes with smaller thicker dosa, more in line with the texture of a pancake. It was far more sour than the main meal dosa, and didn't have the same freshness.When I'm next in the neighborhood, I will gladly return again for a dosa entree, and perhaps to explore other menu items. More...

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1 December 2019

Got the idli and medu vada . Both extremely sour.The vada was a lil better than idli .Idli was not soft .The spicy masala dosa is not spicy and like the other batter . . very sour dosa.The sambhar was good but very watery, the chutney didnt taste fresh. More...

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26 November 2019

Delicious dosas! We had the House Special Masala dosa and lamb curry. Everything had wonderful flavor and was gluten free. The dosa reminded me of ones I've had in India and Singapore. More...

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24 November 2019

I was seriously looking forward to this restaurant. With their award winning standard and celebrity Indian restaurateur guests, I was anticipating a great experience. However, this was not the case. Upon arrival, we noticed that the restaurant was a quarter full at best. The server was very pleasant and offered assistance with a somewhat confusing menu. We ordered the spinach and cottage cheese (paneer) dosa and the prawn curry based in the server's reluctant recommendation. We asked for it to be medium spicy. It seemed like an eternity for the food to arrive, which seemed strange as the restaurant was so empty. When it finally arrived, we dug into the food. The spice level of the food was seriously underwhelming - it was so mild. The prawn curry was ok, even though it was served with what looked like an IHOP pancake. The dosa was good but spinach and paneer inside was so bland, it appeared to be nothing more than just those two ingredients. And I know it may seem trivial, but the ridges on the plates made it difficult to cut the food. I really don't want to be down on this restaurant as it's in a perfect location, with such a great potential. I would love to have made it a regular haunt, but I left feeling very disappointed.I seriously recommend the restaurant staff take a trip to Dosa Factory to see how good it can be. If you can replicate that, I will be back in a heartbeat. More...

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20 November 2019

I love this restaurant so much. Being south Indian, I can appreciate how authentic this restaurant is and their dosas are absolutely great. I had the podi dosa (spicy pepper dosa) and I have to say the podi is very close to homemade. The sambar and chutneys were absolutely delicious which is crucial to pair with a great dosa. Loved the service and the host saravanan is a great guy. I plan to go here often cos who doesn't love dosas. Also, try the Chai. It's More...

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13 November 2019

Good food. Fair Price. Nice Staff

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3 November 2019

Honestly not very good. Sambar had a weird taste, and dosa was burnt. Had two dosas and i could hear them in the back saying they ran out of batter, could taste that it was watered down. Chutney- not very good flavor either. Hope this helps bring up the quality of food. More...

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28 October 2019

First timer. Loved the experience!! Sharv (the owner) was attentive and so helpful. The dosas we're phenomenal.

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