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Thunder Bay, ON

‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Maggie Holbik is the proud recipient of the Platinum Community Votes award for Best Web Design in her city of Thunder Bay, Ontario as well as voted #1 Life Coach in Thunder Bay, 2020 & 2021 via Community Votes Awards. Currently, #1 Recommended Business on Alignable in her city.

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3 November 2020

Maggie is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas including personal & business coaching, extensive nutritional training, complete online services just to name a few! ! All this with a genuine heart for helping people achieve their health and/or business goals. You will love how authentic Maggie truly is!! More...

3 November 2020

The enlightened information I was introduced to has changed my life drastically in 2.5 short weeks. I’ve struggled for years to find answers and tried a multitude of solutions for a couple of different health conditions which have failed to produce the outcome my body needs. I am beyond grateful for the coaching I received! More...

28 July 2020

My Webpros2 website has received a lot of compliments over the last few years from my clients. It is professional looking, well laid out, easy to navigate and stands out against other sites from similar businesses. The automatic upgrades are a real bonus. The tech support is prompt and have found solutions for me each time I have dealt with them. I have not once had any problems with the hosting, which by the way is a reasonable monthly fee. I highly recommend Webpros2 for any business' digital marketing needs. More...

28 July 2020

We have always known the power of an eCommerce site. What we did not know is what a few adjustment could make. We have seen an increase in our business since we talked with Maggie and Webpros2 that we would never have experienced had we not taken the time to learn about the tweaks we needed. Maggie is very knowledgeable and took time explaining what we needed. We were never rushed or pressured to make a decision. We decided to move forward with Maggie and it was the best business decision we could have made for website. The transition was smooth and it is so easy for us to make changes we no longer have to pay those expensive fees our last company charged when we needed help. Thanks for always being a phone call or email away Maggie! More...

28 July 2020

My work with Maggie has included several of her areas of expertise. Each one has been offered in her caring, connected and unique style. She has proven to be a valued, very knowledgeable resource for me. When working with Maggie I feel how deeply she desires success and fulfillment for her clients. I have uncovered opportunities for myself I would not have without her guidance. I look forward to each session. My life is evolving in ways that express me and I believe my work with Maggie is in large part responsible. More...

19 June 2020

I have known Maggie from Crystal Coaching for many years. She is one of these people who enriches people’s lives. Her excellent results are based on knowing how people think and understanding behaviour patterns. She is dedicated, enormously personable and a real pleasure to work with. I recommend you contact her to find out how she can help you. More...

19 June 2020

Maggie from Crystal clear coaching has helped to mentor me in mindfulness, creativity, and how to be myself. I feel Maggie coaches from the heart and you can feel it, I love how inspirational, empowering and knowledgeable she is and I feel very honoured to be learning from Maggie! I highly recommend her services. They are life changing. More...

19 June 2020

Maggie has been great to work with over the years. She has two great things which I like to call a dynamic duo when it comes to her services; big heart plus big strategy. You can trust that she has your best interests at heart and that she will back that up with lots of strategy for your success. Thanks so much Maggie, for all you do More...

19 June 2020

Having met Maggie around 20 years ago, the lasting impression I always have is that she always wants to help people and encourage them to reach their full potential. Over the years, she has offered both advice and direction to help me navigate through the changing world of business and how to use social media to its full potential. She always has an open mind/heart when listening to challenges and knows exactly how to redirect your thinking to find the positive in the situation. Maggie’s greatest gift is her belief that you can succeed in whatever you set your mind to. More importantly, she knows how to guide you with the tools to make it happen! With her genuine JOY of life, of nature, of people and the world around her—it is crystal clear why people reach out to her for guidance, direction and advice. While business brought us together, it is these qualities that have united us as friends. More...

19 June 2020

I have known Maggie for at least twenty years and although we did not "hang out" or even see each other on a regular schedule whenever we did connect or socialize we always got each other. There was never any judgement or feeling of comparison as is so often the case with 30 somethings. We would always just pick it up where we left off and never did I feel uncomfortable in her company. She is a true, honest, loving pure soul that was sent here to help people reach their full potential. I love her more than most friends just because it is so easy to do so. More...

Crystal Clear Coaching & Webpros2

Reply from Crystal Clear Coaching & Webpros2

Thank you Natalie for this review here at Bark. I am honored by your kind words and in your belief in me to help others on this journey of life. You too are an inspiration in the way you see the beauty and the gifts of life, like friendship. I am grateful for your friendship and for your trust in me in helping to offer you suggestions when it comes to supplements in particular. Thank you for being a loyal friend and client over the years. :-)


A healthy diet is important for wellness of body, mind and spirit. Choosing nutrient dense foods is beneficial for supporting optimal health and wellness. I would also add that 'feeding one's mind' with information that is positive and uplifting is also hugely important for overall health.

There are many components to a great website, including the 'feel' of it. However, two critical features you need to make sure that you have are:
1) That your site is mobile-friendly, meaning that it displays correctly on all devices like phones, tablets, TV's, laptops etc.
2) That your site is secure and has an SSL certificate. If you do not have this, viewers may be warned that your site is unsafe and unsecure, and you can lose a lot of potential business because of this

I do so many things but to sum up what I do in all areas, is that I am an "Inspiration Artist" who uses words, through coaching, writing, and speaking to uplift and inspire others.
♥ I LOVE ♥ to help people to find JOY in their lives and work and to manifest their deepest desires and their grandest versions of themselves so that they can enJOY the best life possible, squeezing out every ounce of JOY available to them.

I have always been a person with a love of many subjects and passions. When I become a Certified Life Coach in 2006, it brought all those passions together for me under one roof, so to say. I am also an avid entrepreneur who likes to #workandplayfromanywhere and I have experience in many types of businesses both offline and online, and it gives me great pleasure to use my many years of experience, education and passion to coach others whether they are looking to design a lifestyle, have more peace and JOY in their lives, feel better, be healthier, create an ongoing income stream, or whatever they are trying to overcome and to achieve to become the best and happiest versions of themselves. This is what inspired be to become a coach and to continue to help others.

My potential clients should only choose me if they feel they resonate with my work, with who I am, and if they feel that I would be of service to them. A discovery chat or conversation is a great place to start to begin the conversation. Because I work a lot with universal laws, I absolutely trust that my ideal clients find me and it will be a perfect and timely match when it is mean to happen.

I would also add that I bring a lot to the coaching table with a variety in my life's experiences, business experience, and education. You can Google me to learn more about me, to see more reviews and perhaps enJOY some of my inspirational writing over at my blogs, Facebook pages, etc. My life's work is all about supporting and inspiring others. ???


Maggie offers life coaching via Zoom , telephone and in person.
Life Coaching in general is designed to access and utilize inner wisdom to make career, business and personal decisions on this journey called life.
Maggie offers a broad range of customizable coaching sessions and packages.

Maggie has been an entrepreneur, business owner, and property manager who has managed multiple income streams for over 30 years. Maggie LOVES to inspire entrepreneurial and business minded people and to help them to strategically align their business goals with their core values and passions. Maggie is expert when it comes to digital marketing and branding and she loves to teach people how to leverage the internet to brand themselves and to get their message(s) out to those who are their ideal customr or client. Maggie also offers creative ideas for generating income streams both offline and online.

Maggie offers both coaching & classes for this type of work.

If you are curious what the Infinite Possibilities work is all about, here is an overview of it and what I cover in my IP classes. I love, love, love, the role of being a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer & Coach. And just so you know my classes are done both offline and online so they are available to anyone who wants to change their life. I will share a link for more info at the bottom of this page. 🙂

Here is the Overview:

Welcome to Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Changing Your Life!

This amazing information teaches you how to have an amazing life by understanding the power of your thoughts, beliefs, and actions. The work is based on the world-renowned, NY Times bestselling book Infinite Possibilities: The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley. You may know Mike also from the movie “The Secret”.

As Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainers we believe that everyone is special, that every life is meaningful and joyous, and that we’re all here to make a difference and to learn that dreams do come true. We also believe that “thoughts become things,” and that imagination and intention are important stepping stones to deliberately creating the life of your dreams! When you tap into Infinite Possibilities anything and everything is possible!!!


Infinite Possibilities is a program designed to open you up to understanding just how powerful you are, and to begin to see how limitless life’s magic really is. This program is completely customizable and can be taught in quite a few different formats, whether it is for individuals, small groups, or even corporate events. Maggie can adapt a format and teaching plan that can accommodate any situation or group.


Everyone who goes through this program will come away with:

· An understanding of how to identify your limiting beliefs, so you can move through limitations and attract more of what you want into your life and do so with ease and Grace. There is no limit to your creations.

· Various tools and resources for replacing negative thoughts with positive thoughts that will serve you for your highest good, for creating happiness NOW, and for having better relationships and connection in all areas of your life and work.

· A whole new life track to run on that will take you on the ride of your lifetime nailing down dreams that have been brewing inside of you sometimes for your entire lifetime!


There are seven main sections in the Infinite Possibilities program, listed and broken down as follows:

1. Thoughts Become Things

Being aware of the power of your thoughts is the starting point for creating any type of change.
Dealing with negative thoughts and shifting your mindset to a positive direction.
Learn to create new thoughts and establish a new reality.
2. Beliefs

Learn the ways in which your beliefs shape your thoughts, and therefore your life.
Techniques for changing your negative beliefs by changing your thoughts, words, and actions.
How to establish and maintain new, empowering beliefs.
3. Emotions

Our emotions are the product of our beliefs and perceptions.
Learn where they come from and how they fit with our thoughts, actions, and experience of life.
Tools for shifting perspective and creating more positive emotions in your every day.
4. Action

For creating major life changes, taking action is mandatory. Learn how to get started.
Learn why it’s not necessary to know HOW your dream will come true.
Creating action plans and following them creates possibilities.
5. Instincts, Hunches, Dreams & Desires

Understand how to check in with your instincts and hunches.
Knowing your dreams and desires and how to move toward them.
Techniques for tuning in to your inner senses and knowing.
6. Faith & the Magical Universe (non-religious)

Faith simply means having confidence in something you cannot see.
How to live deliberately, even amongst uncertainties.
Tapping into your faith to create your amazing life more quickly.
7. The Meaning of Life

What life REALLY means
How to find the joy and adventure in it all, right now.
Success boils down to vision, belief, and actions.

Maggie is a Board Certified Nutritionist and is a member in good standing with the Canadian Association of Natural Nutrition Practitioners

Maggie offers nutritional coaching, guidance with supplementation, and hair mineral analysis.
Hair Mineral Analysis is a screening test to measure the levels of up to 60 essential minerals and toxic metals. With correct testing and interpretation, one can construct a comprehensive metabolic profile of the human body.

Benefits of Hair Mineral Analysis

Hair is an excellent biopsy material. It is easy to sample, easily preserved and transported, represents a soft tissue of the body, and is a storage and eliminative tissue. As hair grows it forms a permanent record of the body’s nutritional deficiencies or excesses.
Hair Mineral Analysis helps to determine Mineral Deficiencies and the presence of Heavy Metal Toxicity in the body which can offer insight for many issues:

Chronic and frequent general feeling of fatigue, illness and discomfort
Chronic pain, mainly in the tendons, throughout the muscles or soft tissues of the body
Brain fog like being confused or forgetful
Digestive issues like constipation, bloating, gas, diarrhea, heartburn or indigestion
Migraines or headaches
Mood swings
Visual disturbances
Depression or anxiety
Nervous system disorders, including numbness, tingling, burning or paralysis in the extremities
Female reproductive issues like infertility, miscarriage and menstrual problems
Speech problems

Blood Sugar
Digestive Disorers
Headaches / Migraines
Hair Loss
Parkinson's Disease
Osteoporosis [Brittle Bones]
Heart Failure

Inability to Lose Weight
Infertility and Miscariage
Learning Disabilities
Lethargy or Weakness
Muscle Weakness