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Couple and Family Therapy Montreal is a team of individual, couple and family therapists who are passionate about helping you improve your relationships and your life.

We are currently accepting individual clients who want help with anxiety, depression, anger, unresolved trauma, relationship distress, self-esteem issues, and more.



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We love getting to know our clients deeply, being with them in their sorrow, witnessing their remarkable courage and, ultimately, accompanying them in their healing. That journey is an incredible honour.

Our core belief is that the quality of our relationships directly affects the quality of our lives. We believe in people and in every individual's innate capacity for growth and healing.

We are passionate about the work we do. We specialize in relationships. Relationship with others and Relationship with the self. We understand the dynamics underlying common and painful issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic anger and low self-esteem, and have the expertise to help. Our therapists use a variety of approaches but all reflect best practices and are grounded in the latest research in brain and developmental science, attachment theory and trauma healing.