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I help Women and Men find their passion in their personal and professional lives, that, in turn, helps them make better decisions, resulting in greater personal and career success.
I offer face to face sessions in the GTA as well as remote, virtual sessions.

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9 October 2020

Ian helped me through a very difficult time in my life, guiding me in finding peace and happiness. He asked the right questions and quickly understood my triggers, habit and personality and adapted his style to meet mine. Ian was a great coach , id recommend him to anyone ! More...

7 October 2020

William Arthur Ward once said, “The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires”. Ian Woodley at Change Creates is more than just a great teacher. He is an amazing advocate for every person that he meets, and he inspires others to achieve their true potential.

I met Ian at a point in my life when I had a lot of self doubt, I was painfully shy, could not speak in front of a group, and I felt lost in my career journey. I had an image of where I wanted to go; I had an idea of who I’d like to meet; but I had no idea how I would get there. Ian turned that image into a vision, my idea into a plan, and gave me a starting point.

Ian challenged and pushed me to be a better version of who I was yesterday. After half a year under his guidance my painful shyness had turned to enjoying social functions, excited to make new connections every week and created amazing new friendships. My inability to speak in front of a group turned into joining Toastmasters and even winning a public speaking contest. Even my aimless wandering though my career had turned into a determined march toward my goals.

However, these achievements are only a by-product of what Ian had actually taught me: his real lessons helped me become more comfortable in my own skin, embrace my authentic self, and believe in my own potential. I cannot sing enough praises of my mentor, my friend and inspiration. Thank you, Ian.

5 October 2020

I was coached by Ian a few years ago when I was looking for a new career path and it was a very positive experience. We ended up looking at all aspects of life and I learned so much about myself through the process. Ian's professionalism, incredible wealth of knowledge and experience make him an incredible coach! More...

4 October 2020

"I’ve been using the services of Change Creates for almost a year now. During this time, I have made a number of positive changes in my life. Working with Ian, and I do mean “work,” has been challenging as I have been encouraged to push my boundaries and open up to examine preconceived notions about myself, how I view the world and the people around me. While this has been at times quite painful, it has been more rewarding and the associated growth I have personally experienced is the driving force behind this note. If you are “on the fence” about whether or not to take the services of having a personal or executive coach, I would suggest trying it out a few times and I would do so with Ian. He listens, is patient and, I believe, knows when to turn up the pressure to get results."

All the best in your journey!
A.B Business Owner, Canada

3 October 2020

Engaging Ian Woodley at Change Creates Ltd. as a coach has been one of the best professional development moves I could have made. His calm demeanor puts you at ease even while his questioning compels you to challenge the hidden beliefs that hold you back. We all have internal stories that we tell ourselves about who and what we are – Ian encourages us to bring these stories to light to test them and make sure they still serve our true selves and current goals.
There are numerous kinds and styles of career and life coaching available today, and they each have their place, but Ian’s approach considers the whole person and the alignment of all key areas to reach true success and happiness. I cannot think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from Ian’s coaching expertise. I know I have!

3 October 2020

I have worked with Ian for a couple of years now and it's been without exaggeration life changing for me. In a world that applauds what you give and asks for more, staying grounded and figuring out how to be true to yourself is a daunting task without some skilled help. Ian is more than up to the task and I am now in a work environment where I intrinsically understand what draws me to it and not, and how the various activities in my life create/destroy value. More than that, Ian pushes me to realise potential I would've only thought to be theoretical until now. I am certainly in his debt when I think of my personal and professional growth due to his mentorship the past couple of years More...


I strongly believe that the profession of coaching is a privilege. I love that I am able to help others move forward in their lives, whether it be career, relationships, confidence or any of the other areas we tend to get stuck in. It is something that I could never take for granted and is my biggest passion.

Every individual is unique. We all see and interpret the world in which we live, in different ways. Many of the companies that offer coaching services have a set program that is applied to all. I do not believe that this approach and delivery produces the best version of you. I like to work with the person, to understand the world in. which they live so that I can best tailor the strategies that will help them grow. I also feel larger companies are more concerned about profitability than service and tend to offer strict appointment duration times and non-refundable session cancellation fees. In my opinion, again, the wellbeing and value delivered to the client under these conditions is not how I like to work. Hence, I started my own business to do things my way, which is the way of the client.

My objective is to provide the strategies and support you need to, not just to move forward but to do so with confidence and excitement. What you see, is what you get. Nothing hidden, no unanticipated fees, contracts or constant marketing emails, just coaching!

I provide coaching services face to face, online via virtual call or by phone. My clients dictate how they want to be coached.

Coaching is a service that can be delivered by distance via online or phone calls and makes it totally Covid-19 safe. So no excuses for procrastination!


Business / Business Owner