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Carolyn Maycock - Modern Mortgage Group, islandmortgage.ca

Victoria, Saanich, Sooke

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Mortgages, Weather you are buying your First home, moving up to your second or downsizing to your final home, I am here to help you navigate your way through the many complexities that come with choosing Mortgage. Offering the following

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I love educating buyers and existing home owners on various Mortgage strategies and products, how to get into the Market, costs involved, how to move up, how to create wealth through home ownership. How to use equity to invest wisely. Helping people make wise decisions, sharing my knowledge with current and future homeowners while saving you money makes my role as a Mortgage Professional very rewarding.

I became a Mortgage Professional in 1997 after 10 successful years in Real Estate. While practicing as a Realtor I quickly came to realize that there was a void in the " wonderful world of Mortgages " that one glove did not fit all. Knowing your products, your Lenders, how to structure a deal could be the difference between a decline or approval. I realized young people entering the Market wanted to be educated, wanted to know how to get ahead, it was at this point I became a Mortgage Broker. I was inspired when I could turn someone's life around by restructuring debt they had and creating a better situation for them. Guiding and preparing buyers with their first home, showing current homeowners strategies to pay down their Mortgage, invest in second homes, I was inspired with how many people appreciated the guidance that Brokers could provide. I have such gratitude for all my clients, and for the many mentors, instructors and coaches I have had over the years.

HONEST EXPERIENCE, I have been involved with Mortgages and Real Estate since 1989. I am a full time Mortgage Broker with a Real Estate back ground, I have won many industry awards in my past Career as a Realtor and with my present role as a Mortgage Professional. I work hard for my clients and always give honest advise. I will educate and walk you through the process of homebuying and refinancing. I stay updated on Market Trends, New Policy and I continue Educating. Give me a call, text or send me an email, I will move Mountains for you !