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Certified Health Coach/Certified Life Coach
- Diet/Weight Loss
- Body Image
- Habit Change
- Energy
- Anxiety and Depression
- Career
- Finances
- Relationships
- Spirituality
- No need to travel. Remote sessions over the phone or internet (Zoom)


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12 May 2020

I was a bit hesitant at first, but Marlon put me at ease by helping me to relax physically and mentally. He related real life situations to phrases that fit the situation perfectly! He made everything clear and helped me to deal with difficult situations happening in my life. Because of Marlon's help, I am able to deal with many different people and situations in my job. I would and have recommended him to others. Posted by LIND-MAY GRIFFITH, HANDY WOMAN/HOME RENOVATIONS, GRIFFITH BY DESIGN More...

11 May 2020

The experience I had with the 90-Day program helped me immensely to change some of my bad habits with food, work and relationships; from being dysfunctional to functional. I would recommend it to anyone. - Sandra Flessas, REPORTER, MATV More...


There is a well known saying that is also known in the Coaching industry. "How you do one thing is how you do everything". That is because how a persons is in one area of their life, whether they know it or not, can often times be recognized in other areas of their life as well. This includes health and wellness, relationships with other people, finances and even spirituality. There are similar patterns that play themselves out in all these areas of their life. This is where I come in. As a Health Coach/Life Coach, I am a "Master of Habit Change". When I help people to change their negative habits in one area of their life (with proven habit change techniques), it will help them to more easily and permanently change their negative habits in other areas of their life as well.

I work with successful people thinking "there has got to be more to life than this". I help them live a life of deeper meaning

I always had a feeling that my life was meant to be more than and better than the status quo, and as a Coach I am now helping others to realize the same for themselves.

One of the most wonderful things about coaching is that it’s never about me, the coach. It’s always about you, the client. It’s also never about what you have done wrong in life, but always about what you want to achieve in your life and how we can get you there. What I learned through coaching is that there are often so many blind-spots that hold us back from having what we want, and it is my privilege to help people like you find those areas and create an effective plan for overcoming them!