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With years of experience helping people recognize and recover from mental illness in the provincial health system, I knew something needed to change! Using the best techniques and therapeutic approaches, Being Therapy has brought clients an increased ability to manage stress, change behaviours and become aware of thoughts that were interfering with living life.

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I love getting the chance to help people find their best selves. I foster progress in self care and hear my patients tell me they are doing much better within a few sessions.

The access issues to quality mental health care from system stuck in an outdated care model, prompted me to offer a new choice in psychotherapy. As a nurse that has advanced training in mental health, I bring a wealth of expertise to the patients I serve. I have been a regulated heath professional for 13 years and independently providing counselling for over 5 years in community settings.

In addition to being on the low range of affordable private psychotherapy ($100 a session), I look at both strenghts and challenges that are contributing to a person’s full health. I understand the physical/medical side of mental health care and I am an experienced counsellor that listens intently to help you process your emotions gently. I’m focused on helping you reach your goals for wellness.


All sessions are $100 for about an hour.

A look at the side effects and potential interactions of medications, both prescribed and ‘over the counter’ sources. Support to have a conversation with your primary care provider about any medication changes suggested.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy provided to teach skills to better address life’s challenges.

Support counselling to help process the natural response to loss of loved ones.

A short duration of on-going therapy to address a specific issue by building on inherent strengths.

A more in-depth form of therapy that gently uncovers patterns or traumas that affect your current worldview and approach to others and issues in your life.

As the stressors and demands of life start to pile up, coping ability may need a boost with supportive couselling that teaches how to build resilience.

Specialized therapy using motivational interviewing approaches to build an inner desire to take the steps needed to improve self care. Works well for substance use, chronic illness support and overcoming barriers.