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We are Air View Production, a passionate and enthusiastic team of video editors, drone pilots, and marketing specialists keen to hear your story and help take it higher.

We are based in Vancouver, BC and ready to fly with you for outdoor events and celebrations to document your moments of happiness.

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How does it work?

Wedding videography has been going since the 1930s, but Wedding Drone Videography is a 2019 thing.

The Drone industry in Canada is changing with more strict regulations.

With drones and regulations becoming increasingly complex, capturing your wedding memories shouldn't be left to your neighbour Craig! Every Airview Pilot has successfully passed all Transport Canada required courses to fly safely and legally. We take full responsibility for our operations.

At Airview, we fly drones professionally. Our pilots are legally licensed to fly drones in Canada and we also take care of all the permits, paperwork, and proper coordination to ensure your day runs smoothly. Keeping the focus where it should be, on you.


We are happy to partner with your preferred wedding photographer. Don't have one? We can also recommend a talented local photographer through our established connections. Working together with aeronautical film and ground photography, we will ensure your memories are as vibrant as the day.


We tell your story discretely from the sky using enhanced zoom, to capture the spirit, faces, and moments that make your wedding unique, without interrupting or distracting from the real focus, you! We fly in complete silence!

For more information or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Why should you use our services:

We are aware of the necessity of our work for property developers. Since the real estate market in Vancouver and in BC as all is becoming more competitive. We position ourselves to create your presence and promote your brand and show your work to future buyers, communities, and municipalities and win more bids also, have a stronger presence which will serve your business strategically.

Most construction companies have no marketing campaigns or social media presence, We understand it is a lot of work for you, especially since developers need to take care of little details in construction sites and follow up with their work. Our team of professional Drone Pilots, Videographers, Designers, Video Editors, and the production team is ready to make your company gain more trust between buyers. Our aeronautical footage which turns to Videos can tell your story with details and bring full understanding for clients about the property. The unique video design we take shows your work in an innovative way to grab client attention.

Our goal is to work with you to provide different services for you such as:

1) Social Media campaign: Show sites activities and highlight company brand by teasers, promotional videos, and pictures can be posted on social media.

2) Site Time-lapse videos for sites to show work progress and advertise progress and accomplishments to market new units or buildings.

3) Design professional customized websites exclusively for construction companies.

4) Provide aeronautical footage for specific tasks and site operations on demand.

Do you have raw footage and looking for a team of producers/ Video editors?
We don't only take video footage we also create you a story and produce highest quality videos using most advanced applications. Our team has over 13 years of working experience in this industry.

But, What makes working with us matters? Why us?

Okay, what is needed these days in the digital world is the fastest delivery possible.

In AirView Production we deliver fast service to get you to get running with your campaign or video publishing.

Our team is ready to build your teaser video from the footage we broadcasted through social media in less than 24 hours.

On the other hands, if you are having hundreds of gigabytes of raw footage and need someone to create you a 30-second teaser or video, we are experienced in working with high volume data and our team will analyze your data in a very short time and create your full story. That's how we work with some of our event organizers partners.

Our content is made with careful market research to put the best content which will make your videos richer with trends and contents recognized as keywords in social media platforms.

Who are we targeting?
We target:

1) Medium size businesses

2) Small size businesses.

3) Non Governmental Organizations & Movements

4) Indigenous communities

5) Environment movements

AirView production came up with advertising solutions for organizations that can not afford highly expensive campaigns. We understand that creating marketing campaigns are one of the most expensive costs for companies which leaves companies with no marketing or branding campaigns. We come to fill this huge need in the market.

We developed our own processes using modern management practices to lower our cost and get the best high-quality work for your organization. The quality of our outputs are high and we refuse to compromise the quality side on the price we charge. We are positioning yourself in the high quality work in a very competitive market in British Columbia.

What we can do for you:

1) Design a marketing campaign

2) Create an internet presence

3) Establish campaigns for movements

We are specialized in creating teasers and promotional videos and pump these into your channels.

We make you promote your selling way faster.
We provide Realestate agents with what the key tool that makes them successful in their business.

Give us the property location and we can bring you a video of the listing in less than 48 hours.

We take pictures, videos and most importantly we show the property from an aeronautical view. We design the teaser video and we can publish it to your social media platforms and bring buyers' attention by designing social media campaigns for each video using the bank of data we have to show your advertisement to the right people.

We fly with permits and we guarantee changes to your video within 2 weeks from the day we took published the video.

Send us the location and you will find the video link at your inbox, we are fast and all you have to do is to send us an

Designing a website is one thing. But bringing it to life is another. It takes a dedicated team of highly skilled developers, business consultants, analysts, with an in-depth knowledge of building custom, quality websites ready for future integrations if needed. Our tech stack gives us enough flexibility and at the same time, speeds up web/mobile app development. But our knowledge is not limited to it. Our media production team is ready to help you with the content creation, from creating your business logo, banners, to creating your videos expressing about your business.

Watching your business grow is our success as well. We use a wide variety of tools and frameworks that are different for every client’s case. We are open to discuss a different technology choice for your project. There are consultancies that focus on UX and UI. There are developers that design and build. And then there's AirView Production. We deliver the best of all worlds with our agile, end-to-end process. We get rid of your digital development headaches by maximizing efficiencies to deliver transformative solutions that delight users and drive revenue. Our mission is to help clients from startup to enterprise optimize their online businesses for unstoppable growth.

Let us explain it straightforwardly.

We work with startups wanting to sell their products online and on social media.

What we do is we coordinate and build all the work for you, all you have to do is to tell us what your product is about, and we will do the rest.

Our technical specialist will choose the perfect technology that fits your business and onboard your product, design the workflow and make sure your product is getting attention on the internet where you can build revenues fast.

Supporting your IT operations virtually and onsite
During the COVID-19 crisis, we found a market need to support businesses & individuals in Canada with their computer problems and work with our individuals who are facing problems fixing their software or hardware error.

Services for Individuals:

1) Debug and fix your computer/station technical problems.

2) Manage data and email migrations.

3) Set up your home devices and wiring.

4) Manage your data back up and restoration.

5) Find the best machine suites your need.

6) Help you synchronize your devices including accounts.

Services for Businesses:

1) Install and set up your company network and workstations.

2) Set up your network and maintain servers, switches and other network technologies.

3) Find the perfect IT solution to run your business smoothly.

4) Manage and monitor your workstation and all your employees' devices.

5) Backup and restore your company data.

6) Find the best CRM suites your business.


Do not hesitate to call us now.