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Thundermount Digital / Design Agency comes with 25 years of experience in the graphic design field, having created hundreds of graphic design projects ranging from vast amount of logo and corporate identity designs - branding, business and ecommerce websites, fine arts and digital illustrations, as well as developing advertising campaigns of all varieties of clients, retail collateral, and packaging design for a large spectrum of clients.

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7 December 2020

Trevor has been thorough with the artwork we ask him to design - he makes sure it meets our specifications and that it's delivered timeously

2 November 2020

Fantastic Service coupled with lots of Creativity and Talent!!!
Perfect combo! Always a pleasure working on projects with Trevor and recieving Spectacular results!!!!

Thundermount Digital

Reply from Thundermount Digital

Hi Julie Thanks so much for your raving review!

2 November 2020

sticks to deadlines
excellent at graphic design

Thundermount Digital

Reply from Thundermount Digital

Hi Ashley Thanks for your short but great descriptions of my service to you. Much appreciated

2 November 2020

very wothwhile
hard working
great @meeting deadlines
excellent design and graphics

30 October 2020


Thundermount Digital

Reply from Thundermount Digital

Hi Ian, as one of my longest standing clients and being the huge power you are in the Blinds and Home Improvement industry, and supporters, I greatly appreciate your sentiments! May thanks.


These are the 10 most important factors that make for a great website, making sure that it:
1. Looks modern and slick and is true to your brand identity
2. Is optimised for mobile view and experience
3. Is optimised for search engines (SEO)
4. Should have an impactful landing page (to get the viewer to take a certain action)
5. Highlights your visitor’s pain and demonstrate how your business will solve their problems
6. Takes your visitors on a buying journey or takes action to engage with you
7. Is set up with at least one lead magnet to collect email addresses for further marketing and remarketing
8. Has compelling testimonials of happy customers that highly recommend you
9. Has blog articles that establish you as an expert and deal with the certain issues that your customers need to resolve or have an interest for
10. Is easy to navigate
11. Is continuously improved
12. Is built by the right guys to make it the best website possible for your purposes

In the case of a website:
1. What kind of website are you looking to build for your business: a. Business brochure type Website, b. an Online store or c. A sales funnel / landing page?
2. What objective do you hope to achieve with your website?
3. How many pages do you need your website to have and what are they?
4. Do you have a preference as to what platform it should be built in?
5. Do you have a logo and CI that can be used to model your website on, or do you need your branding to be designed and created?
6. Do you have a clear and effective value statement?
7. Do you have great images / images of your products or service to use, or would we need to organise those for you?

This is our 4 step creative process:
1. Book and consult with the client to see if were a good fit for the website or design campaign they need done and to take the brief
2. Produce a quote / proposal
3. Begin the brainstorming and concept phase with is then presented to the client
4. Once the winning concept is chosen, we we go full steam ahead to perfect it in collaboration with the client, making all required amendments throughout the process
5. Once client is happy with the end design the website is published or the design is save and sent to print or published digitally.

1. Have you already got a logo and branding?
2. What are your marketing objectives i.e. what are the hoping to achieve by having a new logo and branding created / website built / advertising collateral designed / digital marketing campaign built?
3. What is the personality of the brand you wish to create and who is the ideal client avatar?
4. Do you have ready, good high quality images available for use, or will we need to create / shoot / purchase the images for you?
5. What is your ball park budget you had in mind for the creative work you need done?

I love designing and branding a new client's business from from inception and being involved in helping market it to its target market. Coming up with a new logo and CI is exciting challenging. But the best and most rewarding part is having happy clients who love the work we do for them - that is what I love most about my job. Oh yes, and, of course, being paid on time for the hard work we did!

I wanted to employ the talents God has given me in the world of design and advertising, to beautify client's artwork and see their brands stand out with pride. The best way to earn a livelihood is by doing something you're passionate about and good at.

Clients should choose me because :
1. I have a great talent for creativity, design and ideas
2. I am quick, reliable and efficient once given the mandate to proceed with the work, and even quicker to do revisions and amendments when requested
3. I'm good with concepts and giving my clients good and varied options
4. I'm able to analyse and get to the essence of a business and thereby translate them into graphic reality

Yes, definitely - although its much nicer to meet a client face to face and in person, it can easily be done on zoom these days. And all graphic design, website design and digital marketing jobs/projects are all digital services done online nowadays, so providing these services, as well as meetings online and remotely is of no concern at all.

Meeting clients on zoom or over whatsapp call. Or if a face to face meeting is required, we insist on wearing masks and social distancing as much as possible in the boardroom, or at an outside venue.


We facilitate the building of a dynamic and functional Ecommerce / Online Store website to enable you to sell your products / services / courses online through a shopping cart and merchant bank account such as PayFast or PayPal. We will also recommend building sales funnels to optimize conversions of popular products and promotions. We aim for great UX (User Experience) for your Online Store so that the purchase process is as easy as possible, whilst also ensuring an aesthetically beautiful site.

Building & designing the aesthetics & functionality of client's website from start to finish involving procuring the right domain name & hosting package; maintaining & optimizing the website for desktop, tablet & mobile devices; Setting up various pages including, but not limited to: About, Services, Gallery, Meet the Team, Portfolio, Testimonials, Projects, Products, Blog, Contact Us with Google Map etc. The finally doing SEO so that it can be found easily on Google and other search engines. (See SEO for more details.)

SEO involves various highly skilled tasks in order to optimize one's website / online presence by doing keyword research and analysis and applying the best keywords / keyword phrases, links and back links into the website and blogs. This process enables it to rank higher and higher in Google (or other search engines) searches. The aim is to eventually get onto the first page and possibly in the top 3 searches. Another purpose is to be easily found on Google when your customer is searching specifically for your business.

This involves researching, writing, editing and setting up various blog articles for website; using the right keywords /keyword phrases relevant to your business and niche, writing compelling and engaging headlines, subheadings, links and images, all of which facilitates establishing you as an authority in your field, and helps your business or practice rank in Google (SEO) .

This service includes any type of graphic design needed for our clients, such as designing logos and Corporate identities, CI manuals, to creating ads, brochures, catalogues, banners and landing pages, image creation and optimization for web, in order to build brand awareness and promote sales throughout the digital marketing process.

Digital Marketing is all about formulating and directing the Right Message at the Right People at the Right Time, online. TMD is geared to helping you develop your ideal marketing strategy for your product or service by planning and implementing the golden steps that will help you reach those 3 R's and in so doing, aim to bring you tremendous and measurable ROI (Return on Investment).

The planning and building of a power sales funnel / landing page, opimized solely to drive leads to take a particular action, e.g. attend a seminar, make a booking and/or buy your product or service from you off or online. This service is the ultimate key to conversions.

Includes anything from setting up your business Facebook account and page with all its various settings; designing and installing the top banner; doing weekly or monthly posts for engagement; designing and setting up FB ad campaigns for branding, retargeting (getting brand recognition) and conversions (getting fans to take a particular action or go for a sale.)

This involves everything from setting up your Google Account, doing keyword research for your brand or niche, designing the Google Ads with ideal headlines, sub headlines, texts and keywords, monitoring the campaigns and keyword rankings by checking Google Analytics, refining & optimizing key words and phrases; and doing retargeting ads.

Google Ads Display Network (GDN) involves designing a series of web banner ads that will appear and retarget potential leads who have shown an interest online in a particular product offering, service or website. This is a highly effective method of ad campaigns to drive conversions.

This service includes most types of Digital illustration from pencil sketches to fully digitalised vector artwork for products, cartoons, renderings, scenes, books and story boards.

As mentioned before, Marketing is all about directing the Right Message at the Right People at the Right Time. Formulating the right marketing strategy for your product or service involves careful thought and planning, then deliberate execution thereof, testing the results and then modifying the elements accordingly. Then going full out with the best tested strategy to bring in the best ROI possible. In evaluating ROI, an important factor is to work out what LTV (Life Time Value) each potential customer is going to bring you over a particular number of years. We have a formula to estimate that value which also helps with determining ad spend.

This social media platform is ideal to use for business to business marketing. It includes anything from setting up your LinkedIn business page with all its settings, your business qualifications and CV., to designing the top banner, doing posts and reaching out to the right prospects for your business, to designing and setting up ads to attract the right leads to engage with you or your business.

Still one of the best forms of online marketing, this service involves designing, writing enticing copy and implementing it in emailers, whether for brand awareness, announcements, invites, promotions, newsletters and automations (e.g. welcome emails and follow up sequences). Also entails setting up audiences, forms and various types of email campaigns.