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Ndolena Design is a digital marketing agency that offers innovative info-graphic designs and manages highly advanced marketing campaigns for world-class companies. We are based in Johannesburg, South Africa, founded in May 2018.

Lastly, we are committed to serving you with a personalized campaign that focuses on acquiring new customers for your business.



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A great website is one that makes the customers want to learn more about the business just by viewing the images and introductory descriptions of the services. It should be simple and easy to use.

Why do you need this?
Do you have any ideas or examples that we can refer to?
What is your budget?
When would you like us to start?

In case a customer does not have enough content or ideas about the artwork that s/he needs to be done, we do more research about the type of company that it is first. Then look for inspirational logos to come up with similar products. If the customer likes it,

This is when we sit and actually discuss how everything will be conducted. The most intense planning is especially when the customer requests a video edited or created. First, there is the study of feasibility for the requested project. Then, trials and errors. We design what seems realistic and good to us before sending the customer a sample. If the customer approves the sample, then we proceed into adding small but interesting features such as shadows, sounds, etc. Then, we move on to the next phase, execution.

This is when we combine the research and planning to make final decisions and edits. This also includes waiting for reviews, suggestions, etc.

The client needs to let us know of the following:
- Name, Surname, and Contact Details.
- What they would like for us to design, and when they need it.
- Name of the business if applicable
- The content that they have so far
- Who their audience is
- Ideas on how we should tackle this
- And any comments or suggestions they can add.

Creativity is never exhausted. There is no limit or impossibilities because anything that can be imagined, can be done. Graphic design is not only a means of communication, but it is also a method of learning how to solve problems visually. I feel the passion when I have to resolve a problem using graphs and tables and drawings. It brings me to another world.

Independence, gaining expertise and meeting new business partners. I want to be taught all the necessary skills, from accounting to management to AI computing because I believe that with all the time we have on earth, why not learn what you can?

Because we promise them something different. We promise to make their customers look back when they see their billboards or adverts. Furthermore, the Ndolena Team is certified by Google Analytics, Google Digital Skills, as well as many coding languages certificates such as JavaScript, C++, HTML, CSS, Java, and Python.



Logos, Business Cards, Flyers, Pamphlets, etc. Remember that when you have a dream the only person that can truly push you into achieving it is you. We are the second person you will consult to add some colours into that dream. We want you to have a clear image of what that dream will look like professionally. If you are, do not hesitate to contact us.

2D or 3D videos/animation, video editing, sound editing, etc. Your logo, your videos, your product, imagine all of them moving in a beautiful video advert, catching the customers attention for even longer! Below are the different packages that we offer. Please read each of their descriptions carefully then contact us for a quote or if you would like to know more about the packages.

Ndolena is a leading Web design and creative agency with a highly experienced design team that creates innovative, top-notch websites that communicate your brand values, improves your visibility in your chosen market, and help you grow your business by generating more leads. Your Website isn’t just an assembly of beautiful pictures and words. It should represent your business contribute to your conversion rate and most important of all be functional for a user trying to contact you using a variety of devices, from a tablet, phones to computers.