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Please get in touch directly on https://nazconsulting.co.za/contact-us/

We are a South African Black Woman-Owned Level 1 BEE company. We are Media and Communication Specialists. Our business began as a young startup in August 2010 as one of the few companies in South Africa offering social media marketing.

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A great website is in its:
- Easy access to the right information
- A good understanding of its user's behaviour
- Built-in analytics and tracking from the beginning
- Device responsiveness
- Weekly maintenance to improve SEO quality, speed, and quality of links including destination of links

- A standard budget on the required brief of the job
- Examples of other similar type of work
- How would other components, tracking for analytics or platforms work with what the client is requesting
- Does a business need to be on all the main social media platforms?
- Is email marketing important and why?
- How to upgrade a website or refresh it?
- What kind of e-commerce functionality will my site need?
- Which are the best payment gateways?
- Why can't I use Word to design an image and save money?
- How do we integrate forms onto our site?
And many other questions depending on the type of project requirement

Our creative process follows these steps:
1. Discovery: Getting to know the customer and their business or brand. Asking the right questions. Performing an audit on existing data and platforms.
2. Developing a solution through a proposal depending on what the client requires. If it is a retainer client meaning that the engagement with us will be six months or longer, then a phased program to deliver on what the client requires is developed. If it is a once-off project, we prepare a project plan detailing milestones and deliverables, have a kick-off workshop with client and follow the timeline from there.
3. Managing expectations. This is critical to keep the client aware of what is happening with their delivery at all times. We use email and Whatsapp including a dedicated cloud storage file to keep clients informed through status updates on a weekly and monthly basis. The dedicated cloud storage file holds all reports, invoices, and marketing collateral prepared for the client. The client always has access to this file.
4. Reporting: This is critical to showcase the deliverables that we have agreed to in a Service Level Agreemnent or once-off quotation with basic Terms and Conditions.

- An extremely clear brief of what is expected for delivery
- All links to existing digital platforms
- Any form of marketing collateral the client currently uses
- Any Corporate identity guides or similar they may have
- Reports on data of past activity if available
- A proposed budget of potential spend
Before actual work can kick-off, we will require a signed quotation to proceed or signed SLA if the agreement is on an ongoing retainer basis and first payment as discussed in the Terms and Conditions.

The chance to ask the right questions so we get the best out of our clients.
Meeting new people and businesses through our work.
The pace of our industry and continuing changes to technology to enable us to deliver to clients.

I was always determined to run my own enterprises. I am also not built to be an employee and have a better affinity to inspire growth in my people in my team.

We have a great track record with existing and past clients who attest to the quality and intention of our work. We're also invested in the client winning with the work that we do. The care and attention that we show to our clients are key to our delivery. Our product knowledge is on par with the latest industry trends, changes, and updates to platforms. This is highly critical in optimizing platform builds and preparing content for our clients.

Yes, we provide all our services remotely as our business runs on a host of cloud-based tools as do all the platforms from which clients expect a service.

We have been fortunate that our entire business runs online so remote working was made easier through customers embracing video conferencing on a full time basis including moving more to a cloud based approach to working and connecting.


Our business is to understand your business like it is our own. We design and execute communication strategies that take into account existing practices in your business, market trends, competitor movements, and internal company culture. With the current COVID-19 pandemic forcing businesses to change how they see themselves and how others see them, it is now vital to speak to a partner who can help you understand your business's communication needs in this new landscape.

What We Offer
- Content Marketing strategy
- Public Relations strategy
- Brand Development and Design strategy
- Online Event hosting planning
- Paid media strategy
- Brand immersion workshops
- Digital platform analysis
- Strategic planning and implementation

Digital Marketing plans require implementation with collateral that brings the brand messaging to life. Our creative studio will develop powerful content pieces that keep users engaged across digital platforms. No matter your content collateral requirements, the creative studio will deliver to brand satisfaction.

What We offer
- Copywriting for all digital platforms both for short and long-form content i.e. social media copy and blogs
- Explainer, promo and social media video storyboarding, scriptwriting, and end to end production
- End to end servicing on graphic design collateral i.e. CI kits, social media imagery, all promo communication elements, annual or other reports, flyers, advertising collateral, and in-store advertising requirements, email layouts, website layouts, and much more

Our development studio works with clients to harness the power of the best tools for the best results. Whether it is an email campaign, social media promotion, online conference or paid media campaign, our development studio will plan, conceptualize, and roll out the best communications experience and engagement for your clients and audiences.

What We offer
- Paid media campaign setup and management
- Email campaign builds and distribution
- SMS campaign builds and distribution
- Website conceptualization, build, and deployment
- Landing page build and deployment

Strategic research can bring actionable insights when a business needs to make smart decisions to move to the next level or implement critical changes. We work with your business to align data sources in your business with current marketing practices. We also work with your partners or industry bodies to generate valuable understanding on how best you can move forward in relaying your communications.
What We offer
- Analysis of academic and industry happenings to structure better communications
- Internal and external surveying of stakeholders to improve communication practices
- Digital brand and website audits