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19 Clifton Avenue, Lyttelton Manor, Centurion, South Africa


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Mr Izak Malan: Professional Christian Counselling R980 per hour. See my website for more info... Life is beautiful and I help people to experience the beauty of life despite the situation they are in. I have a passion for people and their well-being and want them to experience meaning and joy in life.

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1 December 2021

Thank you Izak for helping. The way you listen, talk and help is an inspiration. Your spiritual guidance, wisdom and prayer was and is appreciated. God bless you.

25 August 2021

I was experiencing personal problems and problems in my marriage, which made me search on the internet for an experience psychologist, and preferably a Christian psychologist.
I found Izak on the internet and decided to give it a try.
Eventually both me and my wife went for several sessions which have been extremely helpful.
Izak really made me realise and helped me to see the bigger picture as I was staring at a few minor problems.
I had allowed the little problems to become insurmountable obstacles, and I had lost focus and allowed myself to become depressed.
During the sessions with Izak I had to do a lot of soul searching and we had to complete a number of questionnaires which helped to pinpoint the real issues that needed to be dealt with.
At the moment I am doing well, I am positive, and my wife and I learned to communicate more effectively and openly.
I can honestly say that our marriage at the moment is healthy and happy.
I am very thankful to Izak for the help and professional counsel, he has been a great help.
Without reservation I will recommend Izak to anyone who is experiencing emotional or personal problems.

23 August 2021

Izak is a kind and understanding person you can easily open up and talk to. Izak also explain and direct in such a way that it is easy and understandable to follow and accomplish tasks to better yourself.

15 July 2021

When I first got into contact with Dr Izak I prayed for someone both spiritual and professional and I definitely got more than I asked for because we serve a God who comes through in every detail. Conversation feels like talking to a mentor and friend but still like you're receiving sound biblical professional assistance. I would highly recommend his services. I definitely felt Mos led to him. More...

14 July 2021

All in all a great experience. He has a gentle way of working. Gives practical ways to deal.

13 July 2021

Dr Izak is down to earth, a very attentive listener. He gave my husband and I tips that have really improved our marriage. Very kind in the way he speaks and addresses issues. I appreciated the fact that he's full of the Word of God, guiding us even with the Word and that's exactly what we needed. More...

1 June 2021

A few weeks ago, I started Christian counselling with Mr Malan. After my first session, I knew it was the best thing I could have done for myself. I would highly recommend his services as he comes from a warm, inviting and non-judgmental perspective to help you throughout your spiritual journey. More...

27 May 2021


It is a new and good experience that made me explore my own spiritual path with myself again. Over time we change and our desires change to the point where you think hold on, am I even in the right place for the right reasons ? Prepare yourself for a mindful journey. More...


Seeing people be victorious and joyful. Also to be part of the process to help them discover their true potential and experience meaning in life.

Success in life begins when the pain of other people matters to me. I therefore focus to obtain qualifications and skills how to guide and help people.

I can and believe it is my destiny - God use me to help people.

Yes I do face-to-face office therapy in Centurion.
People who prefer online and remotely assistance I use online methods such as ZOOM.

I humbly respect the well-being of all my clients. I emphasise the use of masks, hand sanitising and the necessary social distance. When seeing clients face to face, we maintain social distance and after sanitising our hands do therapy without masks.
I also offer my services online and remotely.


My career consists of valuable experience in the church as a minister and as a psychologist in a private practice. I specialize in the following fields:

Guide families to evaluate their problem-solving skills, communication and interactional patterns and how dysfunctional patterns affect their problem-solving and communication.

Various characteristics can profoundly influence a relationship such as e.g. anxiety and being emotionally stable.
In the sessions, the similarities and differences of the couple are compared with each other.
Guide them to appreciate the fact that they are different and to also appreciate the fact that there are many similarities.
Guide couples to embrace differences and to look beyond the differences and help each other reach their full potential. Inspire each other.

Four major areas are evaluated.
Communication and conflict patterns and whether everyone feel emotionally secure in the relationship.
Is everyone’s roles and responsibilities clear to him / her! Do they know what they can expect from each other in a social environment?
The influence of family of origin on marriage and spouse.
The similarities and differences in personality, values, and interests.

The following are handled:
Guide person to process the severe experience of trauma through separation, then overcome the hurt, anger, guilt, and others.
Single parent with primary care. Make flexible visitation arrangements for children with ex-spouse and family. Build financial resources. Build new social network.
Single parent with secondary care. Find ways to maintain effective parenting. How children can be guided in accepting the separation. Continue to financially support ex-spouse and children. Build your own social network.
If necessary, also accompany the former spouse in the above areas.

Parental guidance. Help parents understand that their words, actions, inner mood, facial expressions, presence, or absence can influence how uniquely, and dignified children can experience themselves. If parents do not deal with and regulate emotions appropriately, children’s ability to deal with and regulate emotions may not develop sufficiently. Also do guidance with children.

The reconstituted family has unique problems. Life cycle differences and loyalty conflicts arise when they start functioning together and require a specific therapeutic approach that considers the complexity of the family form.

Accompany identification of strong qualities to overcome and manage situation.

Evaluate the way of thinking about the trauma. Investigate with the client ways of cope and facilitate post traumatic growth. Then decide on actions.

Guidance to acquire the necessary skills to reach your destiny. Bounce back on life challenges with skills that give resilience and post traumatic growth. Breakthrough from your past into the future you desire.

Do you feel far from the Lord Jesus? Do you want to connect again with your Creator and be in the will of God? Let us discuss and explore the will of God for your life.