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Dvorah Stein

Green Point, Cape Town, 8051, South Africa


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‘21 Certificate of Excellence, 2021


Dvorah is passionate about awakening hidden power in people, teams and organizations.

Dvorah is a People Strategist, Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Accredited with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and registered with COMMENSA.

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3 June 2021

As busy professionals it is easy to get caught up in the frenzy, when the frenzy feels like a grind take notice. I recently felt that way and it was eclipsing my optimism, my creativity, my awesome. I stopped, I looked around and I was not entirely sure I was happy with my surroundings. I needed to ground my thinking, I needed to get clear on the status quo. I needed to get real with myself and make some hard choices. I had to stop doing the things that do not positively influence my purpose but most of all, I needed to be clear on my purpose.
This is not easy street, its tough and you need to get really vulnerable and hold yourself accountable. I am sure its possible to go it alone, but I do not advise it.
I was privileged to connect and collaborate with Dvorah Stein, introduced to me by a colleague. It started with a “chemistry” call. This was a good opportunity for both parties to be clear on goals and value swop. I valued that Dvorah had a background in psychology but had worked inside of an organisation supporting learning and development programs.
My journey of self-actualization will hopefully never be over but when I get stuck, and I need to ground myself I am glad I know Dvorah. Her approach of co-discovery really helped in holding up the mirror so I could see the problem from a different perspective. I have rediscovered my power, I have rediscovered my awesome and most importantly I am clear on my purpose.

29 March 2021

Life Coaching

Dvorah was an insightful thinking partner in helping me to achieve my academic and career goals. She quickly helped me to regain a sense of power in my own life and shifted me from 'stuck' to creating the life I want, right where I am. I would definitely recommend her as a coach! More...

10 March 2021

Working with Dvorah has been rewarding on several layers of life. From Work challenges through to Personal growth, this has been a worthwhile investment in my future and would strongly recommend the services of the Hive to all who want to ensure that they are well equipped for any hurdles that need to be overcome in the future.

13 September 2020

Life Coaching

Deborah Stein was great and took the time to listen to me and made sure I got the best out of our lessons she took alot of pride in her work and carried me to goals I never thought were possible.shes amazing!

Dvorah Stein

Reply from Dvorah Stein

Thanks for your feedback. It was wonderful working with you Jezrel.

11 September 2020

My experience with Dvorah from The Hive, was both professional, efficient and impactful. Dvorah is a present coach with solid business experience and an understanding of people, that made the interaction meaningful and impactful. I highly recommended her.

Dvorah Stein

Reply from Dvorah Stein

Thanks for your feedback Martene. It was wonderful working with you.


Engaging with diverse people. I get to explore the way people think and how they show up . I love seeing people's full selves come alive and how people shift and develop. The most rewarding part of what I do is seeing people, teams and business' move from where they are to where they want to be - Seeing them truly thrive.

Most successful start-up stories begin with a compelling business idea, a vision and a whole lot of hard work. Mine began when I was 8 years old and I found myself magnetised to helping other kids in the playground, deal with bullying and find their inner confidence. I never knew at the time, that with every kid I helped, my purpose was being shaped.

It would be 10 years later when I would begin my discovery of learning and unlearning. Holding the complexities of healing the narrative of an abusive childhood, I found myself on a powerful healing journey, compelled to grow, travel the world, connect with myself, with people and to work in various places with different cultures. The rich experiences living and travelling through South East Asia, Europe, the United Kingdom and Middle East changed me forever and cemented my love of diversity and people.

I soaked in experience and knowledge of the human psyche, our inner and outer worlds, sustainable behaviour change and culture-driven leadership. With a relentless passion to awaken the hidden power in people, in leaders and teams, my purpose started to become clear.

After years, I returned home to Cape Town South Africa, with a burning desire to ignite potential in people. I studied as an Integral Coach Practitioner and continued to deepen my knowledge and experience, working with people, leaders, executives and teams and in 2020, I knew what I had to do.

So, I started The Hive.

Seeing results is powerful. I am an integral coach and I'm accredited with the International Coaching Federation. I have coached over 500 hours which adds to my experience and credibility, which is critical in this field.

I work with the whole human being, including their inner and outer world, their relationships and their environments. My experience and the impact of the work I do, speaks for itself. For recommendations, please take a look at my LinkedIn profile and if you'd like more information - I'll be happy to share previous clients feedback referral information


What is the ‘why’ that brings your team together?

We help teams engineer their vision and purpose in a way that ignites participation, contribution and accountability.

Action learning is the process of bringing thinking and action into harmony. Learning is a continuous process, best achieved with an open, inquiring mind, an ability to listen, question, collaborate and explore ideas.

How does your team engage with conflict and different perspectives?

Conflict is a natural part of teamwork and culture. The question is how we can channel it to be positive and productive. We help you work with team dynamics so that diverse opinions and different perspectives can be voiced. We do this through workshops that can be onsite or online.

Good meetings are energising and productive. Bad meetings eat away at energy and time.

Our Meetings that Matter consultations and workshops are designed to reshape the way you come together, share information and make the decisions that drive your business forward. We review your current set up and define a unique strategy that brings in the human factor and ensures productivity, connection and measurable growth.

Real learning happens through questioning, reflecting, exploring and taking action.
We create Action Learning Programs that accelerate Leadership Development in your business.

For organisations who are not clear on their organisational values, this insightful exploration will reveal and ignite their true values, to drive the future growth and resiliency of your organisation. Employers have to stay relevant and attractive to keep the best talent and stay on top of the game. Lived values unify the action of your people.

We facilitate a process bringing key leaders together to explore, define and create powerful definitions and actions that give life to the values that guide the decisions, behaviors, rituals and relationships within and outside of the organisation.

We design a bespoke Internal Coaching Program creating a learning-rich culture that drives empowerment, accountability and high performance.

The program provides opportunities for your High Potential people to grow their leadership capabilities while expanding your coaching reach within the organisation.

Our Leadership assessments expand visibility on competency and capabilities and add bespoke, unique insights for each leader who participates in our leadership development or coaching programs.

These insights cultivate sustainable behaviour change and feedback loops that build team cohesion, trust and ultimately results.

Be the person you’ve always wanted to be.
“We cannot become what we want, by remaining who we are”

Our goal is to support you to find your ‘why’. To clarify your personal vision, identify your talents, remove the obstacles that keep you in unhelpful patterns, so that you can emerge equipped with the capabilities and the mindsets to thrive in complex environments.

Executives know that they have to grow faster than their organisation.
Our goal is to support executives to create intentional space for themselves, to enhance their personal and professional impact so they can shape tomorrow with humanity, influence and clarity. We help them explore their narratives and assumptions, remove obstacles and shape an exciting future. We assist them to lead with purpose and build resilient, high-performing, people-positive organisations that can thrive in complex, ever-changing environments.