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As a Celebrant I have the best job in the world! I get to celebrate LOVE!

Your Journey is as individual as you are, and when you go to such great attention to detail on your entire wedding day, you want your ceremony to be something people talk about for years after.

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I get to Celebrate LOVE! Need I say anymore?

I've worked in many areas from business to wellness and have loved every aspect of working with people from all walks of life. When I decided to become a celebrant, to provide a personalised service which reflected my clients and to achieve what they wanted from their ceremonies, I embarked on a mission to have a job that I love, that's positive, happy and humbling.

How honored I am to be the person who shares one of the most intimate and personal transitions, and journeys, you will undertake as a couple together. For that I am grateful, humbled, privileged and honored.

I have been to too many weddings throughout my life where the ceremony was boring, same old same old and scripted. I felt it didn't reflect the couple and have often seen, even some celebrant weddings, where the person delivering the ceremony treats it like just another job... in, out, bam!

I always felt that at the most romantic time in your life, in that transition of merging your two roads together that the person choreographing the ceremony should at least look like they know you somewhat! Anybody can stand in front of a group of people reading the same lines they did at the last wedding.... I wanted mine to be different!

I always believe the client should find the right person for them, and knowledge is power.

For me, it's about working with the right people and rapport is important for me also.

As a Celebrant I know there are many many choices on the market and I have heard many of the 'sales pitches' to win clients over. This is not my style and I believe the right people will find me.

My motto is; There is a Client for every Celebrant and a Celebrant for every Client.

My aim is to provide my clients with the most memorable, personalised and beautiful ceremony they could have dreamed of. A ceremony which will be remembered all their years to come. Using my myriad of experiences in life ranging from business, sales, design, marketing, advertising to hypnotherapy, reflexology, acupressure, reiki, meditation, herbal medicine and more, my aim is to provide you with a holistic approach to creating a ceremony just for you.


As a Celebrant I have the best job in the world! I get to celebrate LOVE!

When couples choose me as their Celebrant they usually want a Ceremony which is completely bespoke, personalised, and reflects them as a couple.

The most important thing, when considering which celebrant to choose for your special day, I hear time and time again... It's all about the rapport, can they reflect you as a couple, do they see you and your personality and do you feel confident and comfortable they can craft and deliver your ceremony, making it memorable for years to come.

Your Journey is as individual as you are, and when a couple are considering a Vow Renewal this has to be one of the single most romantic moments in a couples life... to say... I STILL DO!

I love Vow Renewals, as usually the journey to that moment has been filled with lots of lifes ups ad downs. There are moments of joy, tears of sadness, triumphs and milestones.

As your celebrant I will craft and design the entire ceremony to focus on what's important to you. Perhaps it's unity of family, perhaps you have overcome serious illness, perhaps there's a reunion after a separation, perhaps it's a milestones anniversary or simply, you've seen a celebrant wedding and thought 'Wow, I would have loved that for our big day!'. Whatever the call for celebration, a Celebrant Vow Renewal is surely one of the romantic ways to say, I STILL LOVE YOU!