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Galway , Galway

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International qualitative and mixed method research including focus groups, ethnography, phone and face to face depths, intercepts, shopper, mobile qual and online communities. Research offered in a variety of languages.


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Getting to the root of a problem or objective and finding ways forward. Helping brands to communicate their qualities more effectively, and to reach consumers more authentically.

I like the flexibility of being an independent researcher as well as a psychotherapist and find that both professions very closely complement one another. Quallies often work odd hours, facilitating groups late into the night, or analysing online community output at various points during the day and night - I enjoy working to my own and my clients' schedules and bringing in knowledge from my other profession, such as psychodynamic interpretation and analysis.

I use a psychodynamic approach which helps clients to see angles perhaps they may not have done before. I also speak three languages for research, aside English, so it can be more cost effective to hire one researcher for a pan European project. Saying that, I have valuable, very talented connections all over the world who can work with me to ensure the best results.


Qualitative Research is the psychological, deep dive element of market research and includes focus groups, ethnography, depth interviews, online communities and much more.

Translation of reports into English from French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Turkish.