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As a customer you benefit and gain comfort knowing that PKHS have the skill sets, knowledge and experience within our team to deliver a total solution for you. Having a comprehensive team of experts, the PKHS team will ensure that we deliver your project on time and carefully manage the cost of the project, because we have done it many times before.


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Because it is a garage, its unlikely to have the appropriate insulation, this will make a big difference when it comes to heating the room. Also, it is also unlikely that their are any radiators installed either or ample power outlets. While installing radiators is relatively simple, running new pipes in such a way that they are hidden is the challenge. We would also look at the floor level because new skirting will look off if its not level.

Every project is different because customers want different things. Some customers will want to replace the existing garage door with a new window. The key is not sourcing the new window, the key is to find bricks that match the existing, so it will look like it was always there. We will survey the project and gather a key understanding of what the customer wants. We will offer advice to get to a project scope . We will agree a project price and timeframe to start and finish the project. We will agree on a number of assumptions like availability to start and the clearing and storage of items. Because we have a full spectrum of skillsets we do not need to outsource, so the work would progress at pace. We get paid when the customer is satisfied that we have delivered on what was agreed. It is a straight forward process because we have successfully done it many times before.

We have been supplying products and services to commercial and residential customers for over 20 years

We guarantee that their is always someone at the end of a call if you have any issue. We guarantee that we do not take short cuts on quality, we will not quote, supply or install sub standard materials.

If our solution or service has reflected the customers requirements and met their expectations, then that's a great result for us, for me. This means we have another customer we can use as a reference.

PKHS evolved from PK Services. There were lots of requests for us to do residential projects and demand was such that we decided to run a separate division to cater for interest. We became successful through word of mouth and we will not take on a project unless we fundamentally believe we can deliver the best solution and result.

With over 16 year of trading, we have delivered thousands of projects. Our experience with large commercial customers means we are very good at domestic / residential projects. We know the standards that need to be applied and we have the team and skillsets.

We will always be honest in our communication with a customer. We like to believe that we operate with integrity and that if we agree a price, we will honour that price. If there are changes in the scope of work or design during the project, which can happen, we will discuss and explain what the issue is in full and agree any change in the cost before proceeding.

No, our work is very much hands on. The only thing we would do remotely is answer your call to understand your project and take a call if you have an issue

All our staff have been trained and instructed to follow COVID-19 guidelines while attending our customer sites.


Whether it’s small or medium renovation including extensions, attics, bathrooms and kitchens, choose PKHS to help you with your next home project

We also offer several auxiliary and complementary services to existing and new customers including preventative maintenance and response support of Heating, Plumbing systems and Energy systems. Although we are based in Ashbourne in Co Meath, all our services are offered nationwide.

PKHS is independent, which is an important factor as we are not tied to a specific hardware supplier. If you have an equipment fault that cannot be repaired or it is uneconomical to repair, we will advise you of the best option for your needs.