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Welcome to Owl Pest Control Dublin

Established in 1998, we provide Commercial and Residential Pest Control Services - Covering Dublin, Wicklow, Kildare, Meath.
We get rid of Mice, Rats, Cockroaches, Wasps, Ants, Moths, Crawling insects, Flies and other insects, etc.

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The challenge of solving real problems, issues that affect peoples' well being and health

There is a constant need for pest control services, and people are not only looking for pest "control", but for long term solutions so the pests are gone and don't come back. This is what we try to achieve with every job.

- We are one of the longest established local pest control companies in Dublin and have a lot of experience with most pests
- We have many highly qualified staff
- We arrive on time and our work is neat and tidy
- Our residential and commercial customers leave very good reviews of our service

No, unfortunately we cannot deter pests from a distance!

We have a full set of policies and procedures that work. Not one of our staff got Covid-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, over a year ago.
Customers are also requested to assist us during visits.
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We will rapidly achieve full Mice eradication in your house or apartment, even after failed DIY mice treatments, or long ongoing/established mice infestations.

Fast extermination of mice from any area around your home & office, e.g.:
Mice in walls
Mice in ceiling
Mice under floor boards
Mice in kitchen
Mice in Hot Press
Mice in air vents/ducts
Mice in attic

For more info check: https://www.owlpestcontrol.ie/pest-control-dublin/service-by-pest/pest-control-mice/