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We are a sports injury and performance clinic as well as online Personal Training. Our business currently trains Some of the top sporting stars in the country. We train a wide range of individuals from complete beginners to elite level athletes.

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I believe in commitment and trust, the best training programmes are backed by science and results. I know we have theses training programmes the results speak for themselves all we need is for the client to buy in and we guarantee results.

There is no secret, the body of your dreams comes from hard work and commitment. It's about creating good daily habits as well as a training programme that is suited for you. Different things work for different people it's to your teiner to find out what works for you.

Being able to help clients reach their goals, whether it be fat loss, muscle building or elite athlete development. I take pride in what i do and always give 100% to make sure the cliebt achieves their goals.

I have always worked in the elite sporting world with elite athletes who will live and breath your every word. Working with these people is easy they will do exactly what you tell them. I wanted the whole population to have access to what the elite people have so i started my business to give everyone the same opportunity elite level athletes have.

I currently personal train / programme for some of the countries top GAA stars, International rugby players as well as complete beginners and everyone in between. Training is about experience, research and results our results speak for themselves.