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Spencer has 10+ years’ experience in digital marketing. He offers services including Google Ads, SEO, lead generation, social ads and more. Checkout all his services at maltandmash.com.

He is an official Google Partner with proven results using Search, Display, Video and Shopping Ads for e-commerce stores.

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6 November 2023

VIP Buses have had the pleasure of working with Spencer for the last while, and must say that his expertise and dedication have greatly benefited VIP Buses. With his comprehensive installation of Google Analytics GA4, we gained valuable insights into our website traffic and user behaviour, allowing us to make data-driven decisions.

He reviewed our Google Ad account and then updated and implemented a new strategy. This was a game-changer - within just a few weeks, we were getting 5x the number of leads. So much we can barely keep up with all the new business! Not only did Spencer help us generate more leads, but our conversion rate has skyrocketed to over 15%.

In addition to Google Ads, Spencer also provided invaluable insights and improvements to our SEO strategy. He conducted a thorough analysis of our website's structure, content, and keyword optimisation and we are still working through his recommendations.

Couldn't recommend him highly enough to anyone seeking a knowledgeable and performance-oriented digital marketing consultant.

12 January 2023

Love working with Spencer, he has been our digital marketing consultant (and digital North Star!!!) as we launched Natterjack Irish Whiskey. Part of the furniture, Spencer has integrated himself easily as part of our extended team. Nothing is too big or small, he is a pleasure to work with. More...

12 January 2023

Malt and Mash have provided us with marketing support over the last number of years. Spencer is insightful with a no nonsense approach, they have created and driven a number of successful B2B campaigns we are very happy to work with them.


There are several key factors that go into creating a top rated website:

User Experience (UX): It should offer a seamless, intuitive and enjoyable journey for the user. This includes straightforward navigation, quick loading times, and accessibility across a variety of devices and browsers.

Content Quality: High-quality, relevant and trustworthy content is crucial. It should engage, inform and cater to the target audience's requirements and interests.

Design and Aesthetics: An aesthetically pleasing design with a clear visual hierarchy aids users in processing information with ease. The design should effectively reflect the brand’s identity and message.

Functionality and Performance: All features on the website should function quickly and correctly. Broken links, errors or sluggish loading times can significantly detract from the user experience.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): A great website is easily discoverable through search engines. It should adhere to SEO best practices to rank well for relevant queries.

Mobile Optimisation: With the increasing use of smartphones for web browsing, mobile responsiveness is essential. The website should look and function well on all screen sizes.

Security: A secure website protects both the business and its customers' data. This includes employing HTTPS, regular updates and compliance with data protection regulations.

User Engagement: Features that engage users, such as interactive elements, video content and opportunities for user feedback, contribute to a site’s success.

Conversion Optimisation: The site should be designed with conversions in mind, whether that's making a sale, signing up for a newsletter or completing a contact form.

Analytics and Adaptability: A great website utilises analytics to comprehend user behaviour and is regularly updated based on these insights to meet changing needs.

I work off of my own briefing document with clients, which you can read below:

1. Introduction
This document will help gather all the essential information needed to create a plan that aligns with your business objectives, KPIs, and audience engagement goals. It's a comprehensive tool to facilitate effective communication and project planning. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers, just fill out each section as best you can.

2. Company Overview
Describe your company's history, its place in the market, and its competitive edge. What values and beliefs drive your company, and how do these translate into the services you offer?

3. Detailed Target Customer Profile
What are the day-to-day challenges your customers face? What motivates their purchasing decisions? The more nuanced your understanding of your customer, the better we can tailor the website to meet their needs.

4. Audience Engagement and Interests
Share insights into your audience's lifestyles, values, and habits. What content resonates with them, and on which platforms? Understanding this will help in crafting content strategies that engage your audience effectively.

5. Audience Prioritisation
If you have multiple audience segments, indicate which ones are most crucial for your business right now and why. Consider factors like revenue potential, brand alignment, and strategic importance.

6. Competitive Analysis
Who are your direct and indirect competitors? What are they doing well, and where are the gaps that your business can fill? Understanding this landscape helps in positioning your website strategically.

7. Market Insights
Discuss any recent market shifts or trends that are affecting your business. What are the implications of these changes, and how can the website help you navigate them?

8. Objectives of the New Website or Marketing Activity
Define clear, measurable objectives for your website/marketing. Think about what success looks like: Is it increased traffic, higher conversion rates, or improved customer satisfaction? How does this fit with your broader business strategy?

9. Revenue Mix Focus
Indicate which products or services you aim to push forward. Are there any new offerings on the horizon? This will help in highlighting these areas on the new website or in any marketing activity.

10. Business Priorities and Growth Plans
Share your short-term and long-term business priorities, growth plans, and any foreseeable obstacles. This will help ensure that the plan supports these priorities.

11. Marketing Strategy and Budget
Describe your strategic marketing goals and how they relate to your overall business objectives. How much are you currently spending, and what are the returns?

12. Marketing Channels Analysis
Evaluate the performance and ROI of each marketing channel you're using. Which channels are most effective for your business, and why? This will help in allocating resources effectively.

13. Customer Acquisition Insights
Explain your current client acquisition process. What are the costs involved, and how efficient is the process? This will help us understand how the website/plan can improve client acquisition.

14. Current SEO and Marketing
Detail your current SEO rankings, keyword performance, and marketing initiatives. Which strategies have worked, and which haven't?

15. Budget and Timeline
Provide a clear budget range and a timeline for when you need the website to go live. Are there any external factors influencing these requirements, such as product launches or seasonal peaks?

16. Maintenance and Support
Outline the level of maintenance and support you will require after the website's launch. Are you looking for ongoing optimisation, security updates, or content management?

17. Additional Notes
Use this space to mention any additional elements not covered above, such as legal compliance, accessibility standards, or integration with existing systems.

I love helping clients become the champion of their business by giving them the confidence to communicate the right message to their audience.

Honestly, I accidently fell into starting my own business! I quit my agency job at the time, was introduced to my first client (I thought it was just a side gig until I got a new job), and, suddenly, I had a couple of clients.

Marketing should always begin with the customer. You're not trying to please everyone, just the right ones. My mission is to help clients realise this. To create customers that advocate for the business.

I can provide all my services online and I now mainly work remotely with clients.

I have had to cut back face to face meetings with clients and move everything online.


Understand who you’re talking to and what you need to say. Develop communications that speak to your customers and build a relationship.

I will help develop a messaging structure that you can use throughout your content.

Take your communications strategy and deliver it through a structured social and digital plan that puts you in front of the right people at the right time.

I will put together a plan that will deliver on your goals instructing you on which channels to use and what content to deliver.

Run your ecommerce marketing campaigns across the channels that make the most sense for your business.

I help clients on their strategy as they pivot their business model towards an online offering.

Usually a top converting channel in ecommerce, use email to directly communicate with your customers delivering your message directly to their inbox.

Subscriptions are the most valuable data you can get from a customer. I can help grow your list so you can grow your revenue.

Create a content programme that keeps your customers returning even when they’re not purchasing so you always stay top of mind.

I can put together a plan of what you need to focus on, so we can create content that has an impact on your audience.

Promote your content to the right people on the most relevant platforms and help grow your email list, audience and revenue.

I manage multiple client ad accounts on Google & Facebook with a monthly ad spend of over €10k a month. I can create a systematic approach to how you buy ads, depending on your goals and budget.

I will audit your current technical, on and off site SEO to see where you can improve, and make gains over your competitors.