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Sutton Park, Dublin, Ireland


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Hi and welcome to LifeBoss Coaching! My name is Sharon. I've worked in Finance & ICT for over 17 years. I'm an Honours BComm & now work as a Finance Director in a Design company and a Property Development Company. However, my passion in life has always been Personal Development which I've studied for over 30 years.

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27 May 2017

WELCOME TO LIFEBOSS… Here at Life Leader we offer you top class training both to your private and business life. Whether you've problems with your profession, love life, health, family, company – in fact just about any place in your life – we're here to help.

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I love to see people transform before their own amazed eyes! I find it so inspiring how quickly and easily people can make amazing changes in their own lives. All it takes is some thinking, some planning and some action! For me ACTION is the big thing. I give homework and my clients tell me they love it. Nothing feels better than moving towards your goals. It gives life meaning and joy. It is an honour for me to participate in making my clients' lives better and better.

I have always loved the Personal Development field. Since I first picked up 'Your Erroneous Zones' by Wayne Dyer when I was about 14 years old, I fell in love with the idea that we can all make so much more of ourselves and our lives. Here at LifeBoss Coaching I am delighted to help people move on from being 'stuck' to being dynamic. Every time a client tells me of their latest success, I am thrilled for them.

I've been around for a while! I've over 30 years of study in Personal Development & I'm passionate about passing on my knowledge and experience to others. I graduated in the top 5% of my year in my Honours Commerce Degree course at UCD. I've over 17 years experience in Finance & ICT & currently work as a Finance Director in a Graphic Design Company and in a Property Development Company. I am a very caring and conscientious Life & Executive Coach having scored 95% on the 'Conscientiousness scale' and 88% on 'Compassion' on the Big Five Aspects Personality Scale. I really care about my clients, I generally give extra time, do follow up emails after sessions and really work with my clients for their success. I give value for money and always go the extra mile. I want my clients to be the very best that they can be - and I'm not afraid to push a little, if they need it!

I'm happy to provide online/remote services via Skype or Zoom or telephone.

At the moment I only offer remote sessions so my clients are completely safe in the comfort of their own homes.


Life is short and we spend a colossal amount of time at work so we might as well ENJOY it! Career Coaching can help you discover who you really are, what you are passionate about, what career areas might suit you & can help you plan on how to go about achieving your fantastic career goals, step by step by taking massive action now!

They say that money is the root of all evil... but hey, it's nice to have some anyway! Coaching can help you find out how YOU feel about money & how that might be blocking you getting your hands on it! It can help you figure out how to attract more into your life (if that's what you want) or how to better handle that which you already have. As Burt Reynolds once said 'I've been miserable and rich and I've been miserable and poor. Rich is better.'

Ah L'amour...where would we be without it? Coaching can help you discover or rediscover how to live a happy and harmonious life with those with whom you are lucky enough to have a relationship. That can be with your spouse, family, friends or colleagues...Whether you are looking for love or looking for friendship, coaching can help. It may not sound 'romantic' but it IS practical...and it works!

Who doesn't want to make the most of their free time? Lounging on the couch after a hard day's work may sound appealing (and it has its place) but after a short while it can be unbelievably boring...and surprisingly energy draining. Coaching can help you find ways to achieve a wonderful work/life balance so that you can revel in your free time, your life and your job. Coaching can help you live YOUR life to the full!

The old saying 'Your health is your wealth' may sound a bit worn out but it is true. To stop YOU being worn out why not try a spoonful of coaching to help the 'get healthy' medicine go down? Coaching can help you achieve your health, stress reduction and/or weight loss goals. No gimmicks, just practical, sure fire action! It can help you be your PERFECT physical and emotional self...and who doesn't want that? If you won't do it for you, at least do it for your loved ones. They probably want to keep you around!

To live your life to the full you need to go deep...and that means getting into Spirituality. I've had a deep interest in Spirituality, metaphysics, LOA and the New Thought Movement for many years. I've even written my own book called 'Ten Spiritual Laws of Life'. Check it out on Amazon! If you want to talk all things Spiritual, you've come to the right place. Now, pull up a pew!