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Get a free quote from this professional


Are you tired of not knowing your style, having zero ideas what looks good together, then feeling less than happy with the results, wondering if you'll ever truly feel proud of your home?
Looking to update? Just moved?
Are you thinking about a home remodel or makeover project?

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6 customer reviews

24 November 2019

I recently hired Joanna to redesign my living room and kitchen during the renovation of my house. Her work and designs were exceptional I would highly recommend Joanna .

24 November 2019

I worked with Joanna on a recent commercial proposal and her drawings were invaluable to having the design concept approved. Joanna was a pleasure to work with & extremely professional and prompt with delivery of request. I look forward to working with Joanna in the future again. More...

24 November 2019

We hired Joanna to design and oversee the re-modelling of our home a few months ago. Every day I wake up pleased with the investment we made and wish I would have done it sooner. She far exceeded our expectations and I feel like our home increases in value every time she walks through the door. More...

24 November 2019

Joanna recently helped me de design my kitchen and dining area. She was a great help and was very professional, passionate and had some wonderful ideas. Thanks joanna

24 November 2019

Working with Joanna was such a wonderful experience. Even when I couldn't put into words exactly what I what I was trying to do with my new home, Joanna was able to draw out of me what I couldn't quite articulate. She was patient and asked me questions that helped her to pinpoint the exact look I was going for. She then created a plan of action with different options and varying budgets. Every time I look at what has come to fruition in my home, I get excited. Thank you, Joanna!!! More...

24 November 2019

Joanna has an amazing gift for design, both beautiful and practical! It didn't take her long to make my space more open, warm and inviting by making just a few small changes, and came up with several great ideas that will continue to transform my home! She knows how to communicate effectively by asking the right questions and listening, giving suggestions and insight where needed. She is professional and easy to talk to. Not many people can glance around at what you've got and make it better without a single trip to the store, but Joanna can. I would highly recommend her to anyone hoping to improve the appearance, feel and function of their home. More...


1. Initial Chat & Development

Initially I will focus on building personal rapport, and then share our thoughts with each other establishing a positive connection and develop a new project through a series of open and exploratory conversations, carefully absorbing to your desires, inspirations and practical requirements, I will then begin to introduce my response with suggestions showing you a range of visual references and examples. This chat becomes the starting point in our pathway to achieving your dream home.
2. Design Brief

After the initial consultation period, a design brief will be produced. This will detail all areas of the property/rooms that you want me to focus on and in essence determine your choice of style, colour and other important requirements. I will create and present a design brief in the form of mood boards which will help you get a visual idea of the concept and once you’re completely happy, I can proceed to the next phase.
3. Functional Layouts & Floor Plan

After our briefing I will prepare number options that illustrate your design layout presented as a top view floor plan, this ensures space has been arranged to your satisfaction and we have maximized the spatial potential by including all furnishings within the floor plan. This view shows the best possible aesthetic arrangement of the room allowing us to appreciate the spatial overview which will illustrate and expose other aspects such as maximum storage potential, designated living space, bespoke furniture possibility etc.
4. 3D Designs & 2D Drawings

After the layout and design brief has been confirmed I will create several 3D visualisations which essentially show a like for like a replica of the finished room. The different visual perspectives of the room allow you to so see how the interior design will look when completed demonstrating a near-perfect and realistic recreation. The 3D drawings will be inclusive of all colours, fittings and features and empower the client to understand our use of materials, fabrics and wallpapers.

I can also supply a set of 2D drawings (if needed) including electrical plans, positions of radiators and fittings and any structural changes as applicable. All 3D and 2D designs also allow for final tweaking providing a detailed review of the complete look of the project which can then be finalized and agreed. I will endeavour to use your feedback to refine any design ideas or changes until left with a unified concept and design scheme.
5. Specification of Products & Materials

Once the 3D design scheme has been agreed, you will receive an itemized product list in the form of a spreadsheet showing all materials and items used in your project. The spreadsheet will include all links to the retailers where all pending purchases will be made. It is imperative to me that the total cost will not exceed the budget as agreed from inception.

Mid-Century Modern

What I love the most is the end result in projects. Building relationships with a client and improving their way of living in their homes. Working with people and providing them with a space that helps to heal them and make them happy. I love designing and I love interacting with other people.

As an Interior Designer, I work hard to transform your home into one that you will love. I will create a unique environment that will reflect your individual needs and personal lifestyle. My goal is to make this process stress free and FUN!

Working as an interior designer is a great satisfaction for me and at the same time a passion that I would like to share. My knowledge and extensive experience in the field of design allows me to create unique interiors. I would like to invite people for whom it is not easy to make a decision and choose the right solution when arranging your own home or business. He thoroughly analyses the needs and expectations and, above all, the way of life that the designed interior is "your interior". I strive to feel comfortable in the designed space so that elements matching the style and way of your life appear. I am looking for interesting and harmonious solutions to fully meet the requirements and expectations of which you inform me during cooperation.


Up to 1-Hour Meeting. Every one of my projects begins with an in-person consultation. This is a chance for us to get to meet you, your family and your home and learn about what you are looking to achieve. We want to be able to see how you live in your space and hear about the things you love and what you are looking to improve. This is an important step in every design process because it lays the groundwork for the remainder of the project. It will also help us provide a detailed proposal to determine our goals, the budget and any details we need to know about the space before beginning. We follow-up our consultations with a recap of this meeting and a project proposal.

Having trouble picking paint colours or a wall covering for one room or throughout your home? Im offering full services Paint & Wall Covering Consultations. After our initial consultation to review your specific needs and discuss your design style and goals for each space I will get to work putting together a Color Proposal. Once we agree on the options presented in the Color Proposal I will bring samples into your space to test. After 24 hours we will decide which choices work best for you. To complete the consultation, a detailed paint/wall covering guide will be delivered to you to share with your painter or installer.

Every good design begins with a well thought out plan. I'm offering design and space planning. Once we have had an initial consultation with you, we will schedule a measuring session. This is our opportunity to measure the space as well as anything existing that you wish to incorporate into the updated space. From there I will take some time to put together a three-dimensional floor plan as well as a mood board. The three-dimensional floor plan will indicate suggestions on furniture & decor placement as well as any added architectural features we suggest incorporating. Once we have completed these plans we will set-up time to meet so we can present our ideas and discuss your feedback!

Visualisation is essential when creating new designs and flow within any home. I'm providing scaled plans and 3D images of your interior design changes, helping you visualise what can do done to your space and home. I will provide you with my knowledge and experience of design to help you avoid any costly mistakes.
Everything Within The Home Consultation Package
Detailed scaled plan of room/space to suit a new design.
Detailed 3D visuals of a new design.
The estimated cost of new works to be carried out.
The estimated cost of new works and extension space.
Contact details for contractors and suppliers as estimated.

Designing commercial space that you and your team will thrive in, whether you run a restaurant, retail store or dental practice I can make your business unique. I have the creative expertise to make you stand out from the crowd.
I always start with my client's satisfaction in mind and I will collaborate with you to understand your company`s brand, to create a consistent design which will be reflected in the interiors.

Commercial services include:
Commercial and rental fit-outs
Space planning and design
Specifying furniture
Building appraisals and office relocations
Colour scheme
Lighting layouts
Logo Design and brand identity