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Growing Healthy Eaters offers practical and research-based advice, strategies and tools to ensure parents gain the understanding, confidence and specific know-how for children to eat and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods and develop lifelong healthy eating habits, including helping fussy eaters. We are based in Galway and available nationwide (online).

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7 customer reviews

16 November 2019

I have been to see Colette in the past and found her advice amazing, and it definitely gave me the tools  I needed to keep going with giving the kids good, healthy food!

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7 October 2019

I’m thrilled with the progress made for my 7 year old son, who was reluctant to try new foods and have a very limited diet. I had looked for help before and was told what foods to provide but my son wouldn’t even try them. Colette suggested what I should say and do and I found this really worthwhile. Now I’m happy to report that he eats and tastes lots of new foods for him including porridge, carrots and steak. I wasn’t sure if this would work but I kept going and I’m so glad I did now. More...

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7 July 2019

We are delighted with the success we have had with Colette’s Fussy Eater program for our 3 year old, who started as a very fussy eater, generally eating only dry foods, no meat or veg. He is now eating healthy dinners every day including veg. We didn’t believe it was possible, but after 1:1 planning with Colette and lots of persistence we are seeing the benefit More...

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7 June 2019

Thank you Colette, I thought I would have to make huge changes to our diets, and also that it would be complicated. But not so with Colette. She suggested straightforward changes that I would never have thought of, but when she suggested them they really clicked with me. I have already booked in a follow up consultation More...

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7 June 2019

Despite feeling a little apprehensive about what a fussy eating plan might entail, there was nothing to fear in Colette's gradual step-by-step approach; which is doable with minimal effort and time input - so it's ideal for busy families. More...

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26 May 2019

I found that Colette is very non-judgemental and focuses on what practical steps can be taken in the here and now to make positive changes to your family's eating. I'm looking forward to growing a healthier eater in my own house thanks to Colette's advice and guidance! More...

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7 September 2017

Highly recommended.

Reviewed on Facebook


While kids can be growing up fine, a healthy diet is very important for their physical and mental development and prevent issues like poor immunity and constipation

Helping parents with their challenges around their kids healthy eating

Lack of support for parents to help grow their own healthy, happy eaters!

Dr. Colette Reynolds is a Nutrition and Child’s Healthy Eating Coach, founder of Growing Healthy Eaters, and mum to 2 young boys.

She works directly with parents to help children enjoy a wide variety of foods, take the stress out of family mealtimes and develop lifelong healthy eating habits


One-to-One Parenting Support
to help your child (or children) to:
Eat and enjoy a balanced diet with healthy foods such as vegetables?
Eat and enjoy a wide variety of foods such as different textures?
Develop lifelong healthy eating habits such as having a balanced approach to sweets and treats?

Do you want help for your child(ren) to eat and enjoy a variety of nutritious foods.
Do you find the following with your child(ren)?:

Their variety of foods has reduced over time?

They are hesitant to try certain foods, wanting to eat more familiar foods?

They snack frequently and want to eat snacks instead of meals?

I offer one-to-one support that is both parent led (there’s lots you can do to help your child eat better) and child-centred (we don’t expect your child to do anything that they aren’t comfortable with, at that time) that is tailored to suit your family.