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Croator is a Web Studio specialised in creating well optimised good looking web sites for small businesses and individuals who want to make sure they have a quality online presence.
I'm very focused on web site performance and SEO so we do extensive testing, monitor analytics and make sure you get what you're looking for.

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5 customer reviews

24 December 2019

Moderna and funtional website. Tomislav was very easy to talk to.

Croator Web Studio

Reply from Croator Web Studio

Thanks Mirela, great working with you

24 December 2019

Website is very quick and I'm very happy with the work done. Recommendations!

Croator Web Studio

Reply from Croator Web Studio

Thank you Sandi, glad you're happy with the site

24 December 2019

Everything was done profesionally. As agreed and previusly arranged.

Croator Web Studio

Reply from Croator Web Studio

Thanks Marin, much appriciated

24 December 2019

Very professional. I'm very happy with the website Tomislav built.

Croator Web Studio

Reply from Croator Web Studio

Thanks Josipa, really nice working with you

24 December 2019

Tomislav did an awesome job and was great to work with him. People can now find my business online easily.

Croator Web Studio

Reply from Croator Web Studio

Thanks Arsim, great working with you


Great question to ask!
Great website consists of great design, easy to use interface and website should be very fast and optimised for search engines. This creates a great user experience and satisfied clients.
I make sure that all of these are covered through the development process by testing and analysing the results and taking in to consideration your needs.

As in any projects both you and I might have a few questions. I encourage you to ask as many as possible but here are 3 questions I ask each client before we proceed with anything else.

1. What is the main goal you are trying to accomplish by having this website?
2. What is the budget you are working with?
3. When do you need this website to be up and running?

This will give me an overview of what you are trying to accomplish and with what kind of resources and I'll be able to let you know what I feel might be the best way to do it.

I love creating great websites and most of all I love working alongside new and interesting people. This job allows me to do just that.
I don't consider the projects as work, but rather a partnership and collaboration on ideas where I help you achieve the best possible results for your business and your online presence.
Even if project is finished, I regularly follow up with my clients, get back to them with new ideas on how to improve things, create knowledge articles and try to create a great relationship out of it.
This entire "process" is what I love about my job.

After I finished colleague in Croatia (MD in marketing) I wanted to see what's out there in the world.
Decision fell to Ireland and I've spent 4 amazing years in Cork where I worked in IT and I spent my free time learning about web development, digital marketing as it is my passion.
For personal reasons I've moved back to Croatia back in 2019 and it was a perfect opportunity for me to start my business and combine my education (MD in Marketing), my working knowledge and experience in IT and my personal passion - web design and development.
I've started Croator Web Studio and am enjoying working with people on their projects ever since.

I'm very opened minded and communicative and this way want to invite people to reach out, say hi and ask any questions.

I feel I do a great job and love to help people out, share my knowledge and experience. I know that people I've worked with will happily confirm this.

My advice to people looking for web design/development work is to make an educated decision, check peoples portfolios, test their websites online, check that they have good recommendations and make sure they are someone that is easy to talk to and work with.

I'm here to help so in case you feel I check all these boxes, get in touch :)


I love to create great website. I think a great website is your main representation in the online world and you should be proud to share it.

Alongside creating good looking, fast, easy to use and SEO optimised web site I make sure we have you setup with an SSL certificate, get you on CDN, create great security, backups schedule, custom email with your domain, how to articles for you to manage your website, create and submit sitemaps and robots.txt files for your so you can get ranked on Google and other search engines, we configure analytics and get you daily, weekly, and/or monthly reports on the traffic. I also provide you with remote session once project is done where we do a training on how to use the interface and I try to answer any questions you might have about it.

I will also suggest web hosting services and domains if you need help with it.

After project is fished website usually requires maintenance as well which is a separate service I offer.

As a bonus, I also create articles on my website creator.hr about all the new trends in the world of web and digital marketing as well as how to articles related to SEO, website optimisation and maintenance, social media and digital marketing.

Creating great website is one part of the process.
After project is fished website usually requires maintenance as well and this is usually agreed upon when discussing building the website to start with.

I like to highlight it straight away as sometimes this is discussed when website is built and it comes as a surprise to clients as it can be a cost they didn't anticipated.

It is important to maintain websites for security reason, performance reasons, to optimise your on page SEO strength and sometimes to simply update the content on it.
Some people if they are technical enough decide to do it themselves, but in most cases it is required to have a webmaster do it as it can get quite technical and also problems might arise and then one time fixes can get expensive.

For me this service includes everything from on page and off page SEO, to creating great content to social media marketing and advertising.

You might have an online presence setup and you are happy with it but you want to make that extra step. Get more exposure on social media, get more traffic from Google or start Google PPC and/or paid advertising Facebook campaigns.
You might need a great article about a subject, stunning logo or an awesome video background.

Get in touch and I'd be happy to discuss this with you.