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Befinitive specialises in getting Funding for SMEs (Lending, Grants and Investment).

We provide a Business Plan and Financials service that is designed to give you the best chance of achieving the money your company needs.

We call our method 'Befinitive Plan' (With a success rate for funding of over 80% to date)

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During Covid 19 it was very difficult for some companies and we got to help more businesses than I would have ever thought possible and made a real difference to peoples lives.

When you look at what we have achieved for clients it gives you a really good feeling to say 'we helped them with that'

I was very frustrated with the difficulty SMEs in Ireland faced in not alone getting funding but also the extremely complex way in which the Irish system is set up.

It makes it so difficult for SMEs to navigate the labyrinth of funding avenues (so much so that sometimes it can take them away from what they should be doing ... concentrating on their own core business)

I just wanted to do 2 things from the start 1) Make it simple to understand and 2) Make it easy to do

We are a group of high level business executives, all coming from Large enterprise (Multi Sectoral) with a vast experience in what is required for funding in Ireland.

What we bring to the table is more than just creating a Business Plan, we bring a Business Plan and Financials with purpose.

Currently we have excellent relationships with heads of lending from Traditional and Government Lenders (Including Microfinance and SBCI), Grant providers, European funding agencies, Investors (Angel and Firms) and many other alternative lenders.

Our process is a simple one that is designed to statistically give you the best chance of getting lending.

After our initial conversation with you we will be able to give you advice on the best route for you to get lending success and design the business plan around that.

With your permission we also engage directly with the Lender or Grant provider during the business plan making process to ensure that we are hitting all the key points that the lender requires and to position the business plan in a way that will get you funding.


Bespoke Business Plan with Financials for the purposes of Funding. They are usually 40-60 pages that includes dialog with the lender or grant provider during the process to ensure successful lending.

We constantly work with 34 Local Enterprise Offices and Enterprise Ireland to ensure that applications from businesses looking for grants comply with the grant providers criteria. (We also work with 27 competitive grant providers also)

Our consultants can advise best method and route to success while also leveraging our relationships with the grant providers.

Our core strength is in Financial planning for the purpose of lending or investment. Our record speaks for itself with over 1000 businesses funded to date