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1 Minute 40 Media Ltd


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1 MINUTE 40 is a creative video agency specialising in short, compelling and authentic video content with a journalistic approach.

Our goal is to engage viewers through storytelling and content marketing.
Unlike traditional advertising, storytelling is designed to inspire customers and brand followers.

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To translate a company's values, products or processes into a film everyone can believe in.
To inspire viewers by connecting them with the reality of a company's values.
To create useful videos for my clients' audience.

I worked the first half of my professional career in News gathering for BBC and television agencies. News is the most watched program on television and the web. I now apply the save recipe to make corporate films that inform, inspire and convince.

I produce video content that create interest to the viewers and therefore create leads for my clients.


To inform, inspire and convince customers with real-life examples and human stories.
To demonstrate the added value behind the vision.

To explain and visually communicate a process or product. To analyse, explore and define a product or an organisation’s values in a clear visual message.

To provide an exclusive insider perspective, highlighting and showing the best aspects of an event that convey information about a brand’s culture or product.