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Pieter de Jager

Amazing fitness and experience. Total body workout! Can't ask for anything better.


Rochelle Kim Jansen

Awesome boot camp this morning. Love the vibe and the training👊🏼


Trudie Stanford

My favourite exercise experience! Love every moment ���


Diane Rausch-Welvering

I absolutely love the gym. So professional, exciting, inspiring and effective.


Natalie Seeley

There is something for everyone (Pilates, kickboxing, cardiokickboxing, boxing, functional fitness, kiddies kickboxing) and everyone can take part - whether you are 8 years old or 60 years old, unfit or fit. Staff are friendly and helpful. It feels like everyone is part of a big family. More...


Shelby MacGillicuddy

The staff are always very helpful and friendly. The atmosphere is great too! Definitely value for money, you won't experience the same at any other gym.


Sheila Petzer Summers

A welcoming & encouraging atmosphere with professional instructors.


Wimpie Barnard

I don't know if I should post now or first calm down a bit. I love the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. How happy was I when I found out there is a new club in our community of Pierre van Ryneveld after the fiasco of fitstop MMA club that closed down 3- or so years ago and for the people like myself who paid a full 3 year contract upfront losing all that money. Long story short, I received contract yesterday, filled it in for my wife, daughter and myself with request for debit order. X-treme fitness did not explain that you have to pay the first month's fee upfront with the joining fee. I went back today to hand in the contract just before your first training session when the lady who assisted me told me that I must pay the first months fee upfront with the joining fee, which was fine with me, so I told her I will do an EFT tonight and then everything is sorted. I got ready to train when the lady came back to me and told me that her boss told her that in order for x-treme fitness to get my commitment I must pay the training session of R75 cash! I told her that it is ridiculous as I handed the contract in which is binding, what other commitment do you need? The special you have for the month of June was if you join in June you get the month of June free!!!! I left the club with the contract. The immartured manner in which x-treme fitness conduct business is utterly dissapointing. I am really left with a bad taste in my mouth. I am also going to put my bad experience on our Pierre van Ryneveld community group. This feel like a fitstop saga all over again. Really disappointing. You lost 3 definate members! More...


Andrea Beneke

Best place to get rid of all those frustrations with a variety of training programs, if it's only to get fit or to be a fighter I would recommend it to everyone. Prices are very reasonable and the staff and people is very friendly and so helpful.... More...


Martelie Pretorius

What an amazing club! The staff and Coach Mark has always gone the extra mile for me as a client. I have never received so much support and commitment from someone to help me reach my goals. I have learned so much and have so much appreciation and gratitude for the club and their sfaff! Keep up the great work and thank you for the extra mile you put in for your members! More...


Devin William Gouws

Poor attitude from the owners, terrible customer service, staff clean the ‘gym’ around you while you train. Coaches come and go weekly. Expensive and not worth your while. More...


Craig Summers

Our family have been going to this gym for the last 6 months or so. We do both the excellent cardio-kickboxing and functional fitness classes.

The club has a very friendly atmosphere and should be first choice for someone looking for this sort of training in the Centurion area.

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