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WritersHandStudios.com was established in 2009, and to this day is still very much dedicated to Small/Medium Business Enterprises. We offer a wide range of services, from Web Design & Graphic Design to Branding & Project Management Support.


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Tashnee Naidoo

23 April 2019

Where do I even begin !!! Jody Kolbee !! Wow, you are a Brilliant Creator ! You have really impacted my business with your professional approach and kindness towards my needs. Your knowledge and willingness to take on any task that I presented to you was extraordinary! Such smooth pleasant roads when working with you, which made my journey towards the launch of my online store so enjoyable and simple. It was like you knew exactly what I wanted and the advice and guidance you have so freely given me will stay with me forever! I can't thank you enough for your excellent work on creating my website... my gratitude is endless !! I know that you will continue to be a success, the way you help people create their dreams into reality! You deserve it ! Thank you Jody ! More...


Aidan Jeptha

23 April 2019

Was so easy, brought my vision straight to life and great quality work. Would definitely recommend Writershand Studios to anyone!


Shahiem Erasmus

23 April 2019

What an amazing company to work with! The service is of the highest quality!

I would recommend any business big or small to make use of Writershand Studios... The level of pride and attention to detail when it comes to delivering on projects is a quality to admire, and which i believe serves my brands well. Thank you to Jody & Writershand! from Consumer Centric Solutions & The Debt Surgeon More...



23 April 2019

WritersHand Studios not only delivered a stellar website and completely dynamic and fresh brand for us, but their support every step of the way was incredible. We recommend them to everyone!


Nicole Gallant

21 December 2016

Writers hand studios you are the best to work with. Excellent customer service, immediate responses, amazing work leaving a client happy satisfied and gained with knowledge. I would rate you a 1000 stars if I could. Keep up the great work� More...

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A great website engages its user and makes it easy for a user to quickly understand what the website/business offers; makes content easily accessible across platforms; and engages a visitor enough to convert them into a customer quickly.

Some of the basic questions we always ask is, what type of content do you want to avail? Which platform is most suitable for the type of content you want to feature and will it accommodate the types of interactions and user experience you're hoping to engage? How will we secure both the content and the users of the site and is it compliant with local legal requirements and security processes?

This is how you build a great website.

This depends on the type of project we're working on, but the questions that apply to all are:

1. Describe the project, the scope it needs to cover, and what you want to achieve out of this?
2. Based on the question above, when do you want the project to be launched or go live by?
3. What is your current budget for the project, bearing in mind the scope as above as well as the deadline?

We first need to understand the deliverables of the project as well as understanding the history and direction of the brand(s). Once we've established this, we put together a vision/story board to see where we're drawing inspiration from. Once we've got a direction for the project based on the vision/story board, we move forward to creating a few sample drafts visible for the client only. When the client submits their approval on one or more drafts, we move forward to finalising the final project and present one last time before launch, pending additional tweaks. From there, once approved, we launch.

If all is in order, please provide us with the digital assets required for your project, such as logos, corporate brand guidelines as well as a comprehensive brief to commence the work. We will usually request a 50% deposit of the approved budget in order to commence with the work, although this is usually negotiable.

Mostly we love seeing our clients grow - and often most of them refer our business onto their fellow friends, business partners and more. If our clients grow, we grow. This is very important to us, is to be part of the growth journey.

This business was started out of creative passions and looking to provide solutions that were innovative, inspiring and to help others grow.

People choose WritersHand Studios for the same reasons we've outlined in our 4 core values:

1. Fast, Reliable Service - We aim to exceed expectations. And with our short turn-around time and top quality service, you can rest assured that you have the best support.

2. Great Client Support - With our great client support standards, and Info-Blurbz, you can be sure that you’ll get all the assistance you need. So how can we help you?

3. Innovative Solutions - We believe in creative, innovative solutions to help you and your business grow to the next level. Stuck on ideas for your business? Talk to us.

4. Value Added Service - Who doesn’t want more for less? Not only do we deliver great service at competitive pricing, we also believe in adding extra value to your experience.



As one of the very first services we rendered upon inception in 2009, our Graphic Design services are still extensively used by some of our longest standing clients as well as new ones. We offer Conceptual Design, Logo Design, Branding, Corporate Identity, Flyer Design, Posters, Pull-up Banner Design, Wall Banner Design, Invitations, Packaging Design and more.

The world is slowly becoming smaller and smaller thanks to the new global marketplace that exists today - the internet. And if you and your business are not on it, you'll quickly find yourself becoming irrelevant in what is known as the 4th industrial revolution of our age. With over 10 years of experience in design and web development, working with online shopping sites throughout Africa and beyond, WritersHand Studios has delivered outstanding Web Design projects to our clients at a fraction of market-related costs.

One of the things we're well-known for is building and establishing brands from start-up to enterprise. With a wealth of knowledge and connections in several industries, we've helped clients, globally, deliver innovative results that they couldn't have possibly dreamed of. This is what we do, and this is what we're passionate about. If you believe that your brand has the ability to reach the stars, then we'd love to be the wings that get you there! Contact us now at info@writershandstudios.com.