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We provide high quality personal training and nutritional coaching to clients of all shapes and sizes. We focus on proper movement, correctly performed compound movements and scientifically validated nutritional strategies to get great results for our clients time and time again.


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Mpumi Mazibuko

27 April 2019

Rob is extremely technically knowledgeable and will take you through the science of the various movements , their benefits and the nutrition aspects of training. His focus on form and technique makes you the trainee a better and more capable athlete , reduces chances of injury and really focuses on the right muscles so you feel and see results. The quality of the information and instruction really makes you feel like a professional even if you are training recreationally. More...



28 March 2019

Exceptionally knowledgeable and knows how to motivate me towards my goals. Helped me get to a new PB.



26 March 2019

Robert is a talented, professional and down to earth trainer. His guidance has revolutionised my training regime and I continue to reap the benefits. Not only in aesthetic appeal but the follow through in strength progress. Great great great chap. More...



26 March 2019

One of the few coaches I know that actually listens to clients and has an extensive knowledge of correct human movement and nutrition.


Chirene Campbell

26 March 2019

Whether you're an executive, house wife or professional athlete, Rob is a brilliant trainer that not only puts you at ease, he is super knowledgeable, professional and friendly but always pushes you to achieve your best!


Tristan De Lange

26 March 2019

Rob has a unique way of making people who train with him want to push themselves further and press on to the next plateau and beyond. Thumbs up all the way!


Justin Naicker

26 March 2019

Professional and knowledgeable service.
Training and dietary plans provide the support necessary to reach fitness goals



26 March 2019

If you’re looking for a place for a vast array of expertise with an awesome blend of personality. Look no further.

Rob specifically is super knowledgeable and passionate about his work. You wouldn’t go wrong here if your goals are to get strong and have a good time whilst doing it. More...


Mike Renwick

26 March 2019

Before : bench = 110 , squat = 140 , dead = 160... 1 year with Rob. Bench = 160 , squat = 200, dead = 260.

Enough said. Also he makes you eat your veggies


Bianca J.V Rensburg

26 March 2019

Best strength & conditioning and prep coach as well as lifestyle coach for anyone who just wants to lead a healthy and fit lifestyle. Always learning new things and taking time to expand his knowledge, understand his clients needs and get you to your goals without any risks to your health and that makes him a great coach. More...



26 March 2019

Such an inspirational and also highly skilled Strength Coach, has helped me improve my bench and deadlift dramatically!
Definitely a coach worth the investment!


John Matji

29 November 2018

What a wonderful you do for health living life


We correct movement & put emphasis on high return compound movements, whilst implementing well validated nutritional strategies, to ensure consistent & sustainable results.