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We provide all plumbing services from
installations and repairs
Geysers ,bath , shower base , shower point , , basin , sink,taps ,traps , toilet , Geberit toilet , tanks , urinals , washing machine points , You name it

Leak repairs


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Valentine Chidembo

17 June 2017

I loved your services guys , keep up the good work


What i love most is , I know my job and to me i see it as Art that means , everywhere that i work at or touch it will look breathtaking beautiful .
I also enjoy solving problems with a guaranteed best solution
Providing best of the best service , leaving a client very happy .

Well , i love Plumbing , i do , when i was working for someone , my job was limited i didnt do everything that i wanted , and my working time was limited only 8hrs per day when i wanted to work more than that because i love plumbing

I guarantee satisfaction , I will be there when they need or want me and my charges are reliable .