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EBEXS is a registered South Afrcan company established in 2012. The company is based in Johannesburg north. We are a multi service company in the building and construction industry. We provide services to individuals and businesses in and around Gauteng Province.


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18 March 2020

Wonderful service. Reliable, honest and transparent contractor with excellent customer service.

18 March 2020

We use EBEXS as our subcontractor to erect fencing, paving and building boundaries walls and other construction work. They reliable and honest. I can recommend them to anyone.

18 March 2020

Outstanding services. They build my 2 story house in Hartebees. They also paved the surface, landscaped and erected a Palisade fence all within the agreed time.


EBEXS has been in business for 8 years lead by interpreneurs and industry professionals with a combined industry experience of more than 20 years.

For all our services, we give clients a gurantee ranging from one year to 10 years for your peace of mind. All that depend on the nature of the services rendered and the quality of the material used.

Providing quality services that clients will never cease to benefit from.

To become a one stop building and construction company where clients have the benefit of relying on one single company for all their requirements. This establishes and build a long lasting beneficial relationship where trust, intergrity, honesty and reliablity becomes central values.

We provide a package of services under one roof. Unlike other service providers, we offer guarantee for our services. This tells you that we know what we are doing. Quality and client experience thereof, is our governing principles. Your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


EBEXS has full capacity, skills and experience to undertake any type of building work. Where the project is too large or need to be finished within a short space of time, we work and collaborate with our partners in the industry, This also helps to increase effeciency, manpower and skills. We build residential houses, complexes, shopping centers, warehouses, garages, boundry and retainer walls etc. Our building technicians are highly qualified and have the relevant industry experience. We building according to industry, standards, regulations and guidlines so that the structure becomes compliant with government and regulatory body regulations and laws. All our building cost are priced according to the recommanded industry rate. We are transparent and honest in our pricing for projects. We are your one-stop construction company and have everything in-house.

We install all types of steel fencing and gates as well as electric fencing. Our clients inlcude property owners, hospitality industry, civil engineering companies, commercial property owners and home owners. Among others we install Palisade Fence, Welded Mesh (Clear View), Dimond Mesh, Iron Fence, Aluminium Fence and Barbed Wire. We also automate gates by installing gate automation motors. There is no fencing project too big for us. We work with our peers in the industry where a project is to big to boost efficiency and for purposes of completing the project in time. Our fees are reasonable and are in accordance with industry of standard pricing.

We have the capacity, skills and experience to install all types of paving in any surface area. This include drive ways, swimming pools, yards and path ways. No paving project is too big for EBEXS. We have enough tools and manpower as well as suppervision. We pave residentail sites, commercial properties, warehouses, complexes, roads and any area that require paving. We have relationships with manufactures and sellers of paving material and as such we are able to source any material required by you. Our prices are reasonable and afforble and we make sure that we work according to your budget.

We have destinguished ourselves as experts in roof installation, repair and water proofing. We use all materials use in the roof including clay, metal and concreate slate, tiles and metal sheeting. Our clients are home and property owners, commercial building owners, hospitality industry, retail. By following industry standards, we ensure that any roof that we install is of acceptable quality and strong enough to withstand any conditions.

EBEXS has a specialised team responsible for swimming pool installation for home owners, commercial property owners, residenatial complexes and hospitality industry. We design all types of swimming pools be it above ground or underground. In our swimming pool contruction, we use concreate or fiber glass. We further install heating and lighting for you as well all other features you may need. We follow industry guidlines when installing swimming pools to enseure quality and durability. No swimming pool work is to big for us, all at reasonable price in terms of industry practice and standards.

In collaboration with our partners, Ecolife Landscaping, we are able to install landscaping for you. Our landscaping services include soft and hardlandscaping for homes, complexes, commercial building or offices etc. We install landscaping according to your plan and if you do not have one, we design one for you. We are able to source all types of plant material for you, install water features, irrigation and other special features all at reasonable costs.

Our painting technicians are highly experinced and skilled. We paint houses, commercial properties, shopping centeres, shopping malls, warehouses, residentail complexes, shops etc. In our our painting project we ensure that the beauty of your building is conspicous and reflect the final product that you have envisoned. The quality of our work speaks for itself. Our prices are in terms of industry standard and afforadble to all. We paint interior, exterior of the buildings as well as boundry wall and any area that require painting including doors, window frames, door frames,ceillings etc. No painting work is too big for us.