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Savannah and Shayne are photographers living in Cape Town, South Africa. As a husband and wife team they focus their passion on living a creative-based life that cultivates professional, yet fun and comfortable experiences for their clients!

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Katherine Hartzenberg

30 May 2019

I had Savannah and Shayne take photos at my 21st birthday. It was so wonderful having them there are they were so kind and managed to capture the night perfectly. They were professional and replied to my request for a photographer so quickly. The photos were also ready so soon after the party. I would highly recommend using them to capture your special moments! More...


Priyanka Padayachee

21 February 2019

Getting a photoshoot done is pretty stressful, especially if you're usually not comfortable with a camera in your face. I've experienced this with so many photoshoots that I've done in the past. However, my experience with Veloz Photos was the COMPLETE opposite of that! My fiance and I went in to the shoot wanting to get a few good pics to share at our wedding. What we got out was a portfolio of BEAUTIFULLY shot images that perfectly capture our precious moments, what felt like an effortless and COMFORTABLE shoot, and two rad new friends! Thank you Savannah and Shayne for making this such a lovely experience. Cape Town is so lucky to have you both! More...


Robin Rineman

16 September 2018

Savannah and Shayne made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera which made for some amazing candid shots! Couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out!


We think one of the biggest "secrets" to taking a great photograph is creating a safe and comfortable environment for our clients that allows them to be their true selves!

There are multiple questions that can be asked of a client! Some questions may be asked regardless of the type of photo shoot that is taking place, yet below are a few good examples:

Real Estate: What size is the property? How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms? Where is it located? Are there any specific shots you had in mind for the location that you'd like to capture?

Portraits: Have you been in front of a camera before? Is there any look/vibe that has inspired you lately? Where are you located?

Events: What is the atmosphere of the event you'd like us to capture? What will you be using the photos for? How long will you need us to capture the event for?

We both love that our job allows us to be creative and passionate on a day to day basis.

Shayne and I consider ourselves hardworking individuals. We realized fairly early on that if we could work that hard for someone else, why not try to work as hard as we do for ourselves? That conversation lead us to the point where we decided to start Veloz Photos and pursue our passion!

We believe that most clients choose to work with us because we are friendly, down-to-earth yet detailed oriented when it comes to our photography. The photos we take are created with the client in mind and we work hard to execute the vision that is shared between the client and ourselves.