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Ultra Welding Works is a metal working company specialising in metal fabrication, welding and onsite steel structure erections..

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27 June 2019

I am a happy client of Ultra Welding Works. I got some superb work done in the shortest time possible. I needed a carport to give my wheels a roof. The Steel Guys came handy.
Soon after getting the quotation which was self-explanatory, I engaged them to finalise everything and work commenced.
I rate them 10/10 for good workmanship, the job is clean, time taken to finish was on point and I finished the project within my budget.
They got it right the first time
Thanks Calvin!

26 June 2019

Ultra Welding Works helped me build a carport of my dreams. Due to the awkwardness of my yard it being a corner house it has funny angles. But the guys from UWW sat with me and discussed until we had design of of the best carport possible for the space I had. The guys were friendly and professional. They weren't in my way for too long and most importantly thank you for suiting my budget More...

Thank you Ben.. it's our absolute pleasure to have our name on that masterpiece of metal work

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Being a boilermaker/ fabricator.. everything that's steel related gives me peace. We love working with steel mainly because of the durability of any end product... Nothing gives us more joy than knowing that we have just built some that will last a lifetime

The urge to interact directly with my clients, hear what they really desire made or fixed.. And see that big smile on their faces when i handover a project.

We are passionate about our steel work and we don't have a history of disappointing, we are attentive to detail and we are superior and retaining lead times.. most importantly we never charge our clients what we wouldn't pay for any project.