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Yvette Lloyd

16 February 2019

Awesome box!! Super helpfull and makes me feel at at ease with any new challenge!!


Lizelle Petersen

16 February 2019

Personalized training... �Team work... Great people... Everyone encourages each other... Results come when u work hard.....
Who would have thought I would love exercising so much �Only been there a month and I feel the difference.
Going to gym sucks... TRIBE RULES�


Alicia Brummer

16 February 2019

Best workout with the most amazing people you will ever meet in your life. So blessed to be apart of the great family!


Colla Ramage

16 February 2019

For me, it's way more than just exercise.... It's one of the best things in my life that I have discovered and I don't think I will ever stop. I'm proud to be a part of Crossfit Vaal! More...


Beverley Jacobs

16 February 2019

Love crossfit, better than normal gym. I am the fittest I have ever been in 20 years and I love the challenge. I appreciate the fact that if my technique is not right, Brad is there to help me. Brad is also there to encourage me when the going gets tough(which at my age is more often than not) lol. It is so important not to injure yourself and that is my motto, "Get it right!" More...


Chris Jacobs

16 February 2019

Great vibe!! Awesome community!! Quality coaching!! ���


Bernadette Lace

16 February 2019

Come see for yourself and then Join the TRIBE...


Iona Heath White

16 February 2019

I joined the month I turned 50 as I had become increasingly aware of how much my aging body was weakening. After 3 months I feel years younger, am stronger than I've ever been, and am seeing a very pleasing firmness taking the place of all my jiggly bits. The trainers are superb, and the people training with me are delightful. I've tried a number of regular gyms before this and ended up dropping out because it was so solitary. The welcome, engagement and encouragement from everyone, and the attention of what is virtually a personal trainer at every workout session has kept me invested. The workout is different every day, so there is no danger of 'same-old-circuit-boredom'. Thank you, CrossFit Vaal team, for making my journey to fitness more fun and my journey to old age less physically terrifying. More...


Douw Steyl

16 February 2019

Intense training, great people


Geraldine Smith

16 February 2019

Awesome! Love your team spirit. Thanx for a great WOD..


marelize van der merwe

30 November 2018

Love the tribe familiy!


Stanley Neyt

29 May 2017

The best health, strength and endurance training out there


JF van Papendorp

29 May 2017

Excellent CrossFit facility


Erika Pretorius

29 May 2017

Awesome vibe!! Great people.

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