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Sagio Indlove

11 October 2019

In life things turn upside down and u question if there are even true friends out there. Sometime back, I caught red handed my husband with my own best friend in our own bed. I couldn't believe it wen I saw it and my heart started beating so fast and felt like my body is shaking then I ran straight to my elder sisters house. I cried so much and my sister left me to cry and told me it would ease the pain I was feeling then she sat me down and asked me if I still love my husband and I told her yes of course and she told me that we all learn and grow through mistakes and no one is perfect and told me that if I wanted my man back I should fight for him and never trust friends again. My sister told me to contact Mama Anna and told me she will help me bring my man back. It took me a month to think about it because we come from a strong christian background but things worsened because i could not even concentrate at work and i got fired, after that i remembered what my sister about consulting with Mama Anna. so I contacted Mummy Anna immediately and told her everything, she listened and she told me that she will solve all my problems with in 24 hrs. since it was my first time doing this, i could not believe her words just like that but i had to wait for the the 24 hrs, she cast a love and binding spell for me and immediately the spell worked, my husband called me and asked me where I was and he came straight to me and confessed how my best friend seduced him and he was sorry to fall into her trap and showed me all the messages my best friend was sending to him and promised never to see her again and promised to love me and only me. That evening he took me to a romantic dinner and he had baked a very delicious and beautiful cake for me. Since Mama helped me, I got a better paying than the previous one, my husband is back to the old man I used to know.he loves me so much and does everything to see that am happy. Thanks so much Mama Anna your spells indeed work. If your going through struggles, You can contact her on +27782391426 More...


Raniyah Kats Kats

28 July 2019

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Auntie Lesedi for helping me out with the problems I had in my marriage. My marriage was really over but because of your help, I was able to fix it after almost 2 years of ups and downs. My life was a mess because we used to fight with my husband day & night because of an ex-girlfriend who used to call him every night even knowing that he was a married man. We were about to reach a point of separating bedrooms and also thought of filing for divorce as my husband wasn't listening to all my pleas to stop communicating with this woman. During all this period our marriage was falling apart because I had lost trust in my husband but still loved him and wanted our marriage to be a successful one. I tried to seek help from different healers but failed. I didn't give up, kept on checking until one day I saw this lady on the internet who was talking about doctor Auntie Lesedi and how she helped her to bring back her boyfriend who had left her for another girl. I was resistant at first but the fact that i still loved and missed my husband motivated me to contact her for help. I was really not sure what to expect so I asked her to restore my marriage and also chase away the ex-girlfriend who was breaking my marriage apart. She gave me two weeks but it was amazing really that after the first week my husband who had spent months without talking to me in the house just came straight to me one evening after work and apologized for the pain he put me through and our kids for all the period. He also committed himself to never be in contact with the woman again as he had cut ties with her. My marriage is now restored and I am happy to that I managed to be strong until I found you Auntie Lesedi. Any woman out there facing the same in your love life please don't be ashamed of looking for help just contact Auntie Lesedi privately by either a call or WhatsApp +27671691668 More...


Ntethe Hopewell

30 June 2019

interested in some business proposal with my own invention idea


Aarti Muhammade

9 May 2019

LOST LOVE SPELL CASTER & FIX MARRIAGE SPELL CALL OR WHAT'S APP ON +27761821013 SHE CAN ALSO HELP YOU WITH POWERFUL MAGIC RING FOR LEADERSHIP POWERS, PASTORS, PROPHECY, HEALING POWERS, MIRACLES, INSTANT MONEY, WIN CONTRACT AND TENDERS, WIN LOTTERY, PROTECTION, BECOME FAMOUS OR RICH, FIX MARRIAGE PROBLEMS, POWERFUL MAGIC WALLET TO GIVE YOU MONEY EVERYDAY, GET PROMOTION AT WORK, STOP / WIN COURT CASES. *******Hey viewers am from New Castle, Am here to testify about Mama Aarti for the good work she did for me in July 2018 when my husband left me with 4 kids and got married to someone else.I read a testimony about a woman called Olivia talking about how Mama Aarti helped her to bring back her husband.I called her to hear more and explained to me on how Mama Miracle helped her. I called Mama Aarti same time and told her my marriage problems.She asked for His surname and told me to go to her office.I went there and she casted a spell for me and within few hours my husband called me when apologizing.We also consulted with Mama Aarti about our financial problems.She told me about Magic Wallet that brings money in your house.I took it and started using it as she had explained to me and i was shocked to find a lot of money where i had placed the wallet.I called her with happiness to ask what i should do with the money.She told me to use the money for whatever i want.Since then am in a happy life that everyone admires.Thank you very much Mama Aarti for everything you have done for me. Mama Aarti CALL OR WHAT'S APP ON +27761821013. More...


Jenny Moodley

9 May 2019

They have amazing content on what’s happening in the City of Joburg


Kubheka Delisile

13 February 2019

Very informative.keep up the good work


Zelda Majoe Pietersen

28 November 2018

everything it has great advise


Ngalo Luxomo

11 November 2018

Lifestyle, its so beautiful and a world class African city