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We design experiences that engage your customers across web, mobile, and social platforms. These may include websites relaunch, e-commerce websites and content management systems. Each digital product we create is designed with the future in mind, and our dedication to Quality Assurance ensures that we thoroughly test all experiences prior to launch.



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A great website first of all HAS to look good on ALL platforms! In today's market you have to cater for the younger generations that shop around on their phones, but you also have to keep in mind that most of the buying power still sits with your older generation. A great website provides a well balanced experience for both sides of the coin.

A great website appeals visually to both your potential customers and GOOGLE. If Google doesn't like what's going on on your backend, they won't be showing what your page looks like to seeking clients.

Ease of use is another important factor for your site. If people have to click too much or get redirected too much, they will probably leave and go to the next one. We have found that people actually quite enjoy scrolling through great content. Bouncing around between pages encourages them to bounce off to the next website.

The first question or rather statement I make is that I want to visit the shop or have a coffee with the team! A website is a representation of your personality so I would try and establish the personality way up front!

Why do people buy your product/service and not your competitor's?

What is your vision for your company? (Everything I do as a designer has to align with the team's vision)

Imagine a family of 4 walks in. Mom, dad, 2 kids (make up the age). If they were your perfect clients, how would they act and what would their lives look like?

What value can we provide that would cause people to come back even if they don't want another product just yet?

The process starts with a little bit of stealing with the eyes. I encourage my Leapers to go on to their competition's websites and look at what works and what doesn't. After that we compile a small list of stuff that the site definitely have to have in order for them to be happy. We then start getting the artwork and colour palettes ready for the site. An initial Home Page is designed to establish that the look and feel is something the Leapers would go for. Thereafter a few changes are made and the rest of the site is created.

I need to know the deadline, because this helps us establish what is more important and what can be added on to the site later.
I need a high quality logo.
I need an about us page to tell me how the team wants people to meet them.

I get to work with people from literally every single industry every other day. I love seeing how happy people are when they have an idea in their mind and I can create the reality for them. I simply love people and building relationships and this job allows me to spend a lot of time with people to build their business and take it to the next level. This job makes me feel like I have a purpose in someone else's life and who doesn't like to know their purpose?

I was working for a guy that taught me how to develop great sites. I moved to Pretoria which was a little bit more difficult for us to maintain the relationship and work as efficiently, so I decided to start doing my own thing. I literally just threw myself in the deep end.

Bark clients will not just get someone who sends them an invoice, only replies by mail when it suits them and gets a mediocre site that they have to pay thousands for. My personality lives in my business and I enjoy building relationships with people. Your clients will not be working with a web designer, they will partner with a friend that would go through the deepest water to try and figure out how we can get their business to succeed. If they're not looking for that, please don't share my information.



Minimum 3 Page Website to display what your business is all about and what services you offer!

If you're looking for a 2nd income stream, an online shop is a good way to go. We'll help you set up an online shop so you can start selling your products to everyone!

From Corporate Identities to stationary and digital banners. If it has to be created in Photoshop or Illustrator, we'll create it!

We offer social media management services and SEO! Once you have a page with the potential to convert visitors to clients, we'll help you get them to your store!