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Sharlene Raston

30 June 2019

The quality of the courses, the tools and the facilitator is outstanding! When you walk into that door, be prepared to never be the same again. I highly recommend the courses for your own personal growth & enlightenment. They make sure that once you walk out of that door, that you are fully equipped, confident and ready to spread the magic with the world as a coach.School of life has allowed me to finally find the secret. The missing puzzle I was looking for and as a tremendous gift I gained a precious family. More...


Stacy Borah

28 May 2018

School of Life is AMAZING!! Such awesome facilitators!!! This is definitely a family I love being apart of. Everyone has to enroll in these courses, there are so many penny dropping moments. Totally life changing


Simone Fourie

28 May 2018

Life changing experience!!


Manie Botha

28 May 2018

If REAL life change is a priority in your life, School of Life is the place to be!!!


Barry Schutte

28 May 2018

School of Life is one of the nest Life coach & NLP academies I have ever had the pleasure of working with. They simply take NLP and coaching to a complete new level. I have done coaching courses thorough many other coaching schools and still felt like I lacked the knowledge to coach.... that was until School of Life.Thank you for giving me the tools and techniques I needed to become a world class coach More...

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