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Anita Koen

6 February 2019

Absolutely stunning Ronel!!! Cannot agree more with Carike. Excellent photos!!


Ethel Beukes

6 February 2019

She doesnt only capture a picture...she captures the heart of the moment.


Betina Abrahams

6 February 2019

Ronel, ma'am,juffrou (lol) absolutely stunning pictures of my daughter ,Vin-Nita and son,Matthew. As they say a picture tell a thousand words. Words can't describe the stunning work you did by capturing my children beautiful wedding. You and your assistant outdone yourselves. All the hard work. Your passion and love for photography can be seen in every detail you captured of the wedding.This is truly beautiful memories they will treasure a life time. God bless you with great talent. May your business grow from strength to strength.
God bless
From Tannie (lol)


Celeste Bester

6 February 2019

Ronel is an absolute gem!. Thank you for the amazing photo's you captured of my one year old son! You were so patient and kind, shame our model was so camera shy.You really went above and beyond our expectations with the props and the backgrounds you used.I cant describe to you the joy it brought me and Ben's dad looking at these photo's. Excellent Excellent Excellent!!! More...


Carike Barnardo

6 February 2019

Ronel is second to none! She's professional, particular, highly organised, fun and utterly driven to capture and produce the most amazing photos/products, which truly depicts the love, personality and spirit of those in the shot. Colin and I will be forever grateful for the most beautiful wedding pictures, we couldn't be more impressed! With Ronel it's not just a photo shoot, it's an extraordinary experience, a key element in the most amazing day of your life. Look no further, this photographer is the best! More...


Vin-nita Van de Heuvel

6 February 2019

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work that photos are absolutely stunning. A picture worth a thousand words .

From Matthew "hard work pays off now that we working models and thanks for all the effort "

Thank you for the passion that you put into your work you can see you put your whole heart and soul into the pictures .

The outcome with beyond what Matthew and i could ask for the climbing rocks , waking in the bushes and standing in the cold just to get the perfect picture was defiantly worth it

They always say photographers are expensive but now I know you pay for what you get and my photographer is the best one yet plus her assistant Elizma some of the pictures are her handy work as well .

I can go on and on by saying thank you doesn't seem to be enough because you captured each and every moment perfectly.

I would defiantly do if over again P.s I don't think Matthew will lol �

People don't know the late Nights you sit up editing just to Make it look the best it can be and each and every picture is hand picked .

Thank you to you and Elizma.

Much love
Matthew & I

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